My Favourite Social Media Platform In A Network Of Distractions My Favourite Social Media Platform In A Network Of Distractions
In a network of distractions, here’s what’s going to save you time. How much time do you spent on social media? What results are... My Favourite Social Media Platform In A Network Of Distractions

In a network of distractions, here’s what’s going to save you time. How much time do you spent on social media? What results are you seeing from your time invested? Are they where you’d like them to be? What networks do you spent most of your time on?

I love Instagram, but it’s not my favourite. A lot of people “like” the images I post. There’s one problem: Likes don’t buy 😉 (The Dutch adage of “kijken, kijken, niet kopen” applies in full force – literally translated as “looking, looking, not buying”, often used to mock the conservative spending habits of the Dutch). Unlike just “likes”, I’m seeing a lot more results from images I share on Twitter. Twitter generates serious leads every day, for my photographic art, books, and courses. This is one of the reasons why my Tweetify app focuses only on Twitter – but more about that later.

Most social media posts only get seen by a small percentage of your followers. I follow thousands of people on Twitter. So any time I visit my newsfeed, there are many new updates from each of them. The chances of me seeing an update from one person in particular are slim. The same goes for your updates. I don’t spend all day watching my newsfeed, all the time. This means I would only see your update if you posted it around the same time as me checking my newsfeed. Makes sense?

Knowing this makes me less worried about over-sharing on Twitter. Unlike all other social media networks, I post on Twitter all the time. Have you ever asked yourself if you were sending too many Tweets? People who worry about this tend to visit their own profile page to “assess” the situation. Keep in mind hardly anyone else will see your posts on your page. They see them on their timeline, amidst everybody else they’re following. Unless they really, really love you nobody is going to visit your profile page to see your Tweets. To stand out from the crowd, timing now becomes important. You need to post the right balance of enough, fresh content, at the right time.

Sounds tricky? Not if you use the right tools. For years I’ve automated most of my Twitter updates. I cycle through relevant blog posts and “evergreen” Tweets (non-time-based content). Using a tool like Hootsuite, this takes a lot of time. Instead of scheduling the same Tweets, I built a large collection of “evergreen” Tweets. I share from this collection all the time. Remember the timelines we discussed above? My constant, evergreen updates will get in front of a different audience all the time. This maximizes the exposure my content gets, without annoying anyone. If you’re like me the biggest goal is to further build a platform. I want to share what I’m doing with as many *new* people as possible.

I will show you and manage your Twitter account towards influencer status. Some companies out there will charge you upwards of 300 a month to make you a Twitter celebrity. I give you access to the same tools and methods I’ve used to become a social media influencer. Free trips, cars, and VIP treatment don’t lie – you can read the stories for yourself on my blog. That’s not to impress you, but to impress upon you that you can do the same. Ready to get started? Download my free social media resource guide and I’ll let you in on the 5 (free / dirt cheap) tools i use to manage all my social media (including free shareable motivational images). I’ll share exactly how I built my social media networks to get into the top 10% worldwide. When it comes to social media, it isn’t lonely at the top at all – as a matter of fact it’s a lot of fun. Join me!

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WILKO VAN DE KAMP is the author of #1 international best seller The Freedom Project and several other books and e-books. He's also an award-winning photographic artist, and professional world traveler. His inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. He calls the Canadian Rocky Mountains his home, and the rest of the world his office. He has been capturing our wonderful planet, and it's beautiful inhabitants, for more than half his life. Wilko has spent his life traveling the world to capture awe-inspiring images for those who wouldn't see them otherwise, and to inspire others to embark on their journey of a lifetime. Through his art, writing and appearances as a keynote speaker he enjoys sharing his colorful experiences with the world.