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2020 Calgary Stampede: The Year That Wasn’t 2020 Calgary Stampede: The Year That Wasn’t
Summer is undeniably different this year, and couldn’t be more unusual for everyone. A minor example: The feature image for this post was supposed... 2020 Calgary Stampede: The Year That Wasn’t

Summer is undeniably different this year, and couldn’t be more unusual for everyone. A minor example: The feature image for this post was supposed to be for display this year at the annual Calgary Stampede, or, as we like to call it – “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”.

But, as you are most likely aware, like many other events this summer, the 2020 Calgary Stampede was cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. As a result, both the 2020 Western Photo Competition and Gallery were also cancelled – and I’m “stuck” with a few large stretched canvas prints of “Equine Elegance”. Not a big deal, but let’s do something good with these artworks instead of letting them sit in my studio.

Giving Back Through Art

It would be an understatement to say that the pandemic has resulted in both minor and significant social impacts in our lives. But what about people in vulnerable and hard-to-reach remote communities around the world? Many don’t have access to the resources and supplies needed to fight the pandemic and keep themselves safe and healthy.

It made me think… let’s do something with these Canvas prints that will help you make your walls smile, but also contribute to flattening the curve and help to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect vulnerable, remote or densely populated communities around the world.

Here’s the plan

I’ll make the three large (40.00″ x 30.00″) “Equine Elegance” canvas prints that were intended for Stampede 2020 available at a promotional price. I don’t need to make a profit on these, but would like to get them out of my studio, onto your home and office walls, and do something good with the profits.

From the profits for every canvas sold, I’ll buy a large package consisting of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, wipes, temperature sensors and masks and ship it off to one of those remote communities where it’s most needed.

Each kit will also include critical information on preventative hygiene practices. These seemingly simple items have lifesaving power in the areas of the world where they’re needed the most.

Click here to get your copy before they’re gone. This invitation will be open until the scheduled end of Stampede, and expires July 13 2020.

Get Your Canvas Print


Summer Is Different This Year

No matter where in the world you are, summer 2020 couldn’t be more unusual for everyone. But as I’ve said before, borders will re-open, travel plans will resume, and we’ll all come out of this isolation. Meanwhile – What are you going to work on that’s most important to you in achieving your life, business and career goals?

For us, we’re definitely looking forward to the 2021 Stampede. Until then, please continue to wash your hands, stay safe, and healthy!

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