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Exploring Canada by motorcycle Exploring Canada by motorcycle
This is how I collected the photographs for my book A View to Take Home. Exploring Canada by motorcycle

motorcycleThis image shows how I collected the photographs for my book A View to Take Home, a full colour coffee table book featuring inspiring travel photography from Western Canada.

My Canadian adventure began in the city of Calgary. Shortly after getting my feet on the ground as a “fresh off the boat” immigrant from Europe, I decided to buy a motorcycle to explore Western Canada in style. One of my first trips on my new bike was all the way through the Canadian Rocky Mountains to Vancouver, and later Victoria on Vancouver Island.

In the book you’ll travel‬ along with a professional photographic ‪‎artist‬ as he chronicles the awe-inspiring beauty of Western ‪#Canadian‬ provinces ‪‎Alberta‬ and ‪British Columbia‬ in his ‪‎book‬ “A View to Take Home”. Wilko captures the different aspects of the life he found when he explored these provinces as a “fresh off the boat” immigrant from Europe. He brings his findings in stunning, high-resolution images directly to the reader. Flipping through the pages of A View to Take Home, readers will feel as2014-07-31 17.27.59 copy if they are riding alongside Wilko as he explores his newly adopted homeland on his ‪motorcycle‬.

Read the full story about the book and how it was created here, or look for it on ‪‎Amazon‬ or order it through finer book retailers near you.

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