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Do You Dream of Traveling the World…
…and flying for free?


The Journey From Dead-End Career To Fulfilling Life
The sequel to the #1 international best seller The Freedom Project: Travel

Love 2.0

An Upgraded View To The Way Humans Relate To Each Other
The third volume in international best selling book series The Freedom Project

A View To Take Home


Travel along with professional photographic artist Wilko van de Kamp as he chronicles the awe-inspiring beauty of Western Canadian provinces Alberta and British Columbia in his new book “A View to Take Home”. Wilko captures the different aspects of the life he found when he explored these provinces as a “fresh off the boat” immigrant from Europe. He brings his findings in stunning, high-resolution images directly to the reader. Flipping through the pages of A View to Take Home, readers will feel as if they are riding alongside Wilko as he explores his newly adopted homeland on his motorcycle.

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