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Get some Happiness on your Kindle e-reader Get some Happiness on your Kindle e-reader
I'm not a big believer in e-books, but after substantial pressure from my publisher I gave in, and I'm (somewhat) excited to let you... Get some Happiness on your Kindle e-reader

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As you probably already know: I’m not a big believer in e-books. I like to be able to hold a real book in my hands. There’s something magical about flipping the pages, and the smell of both old and new books. “Flipping” pages on a tablet just doesn’t give me that same experience. I know I’m old fashioned in that way.

But, again after substantial pressure from my publisher I gave in, and I’m (somewhat) excited to let you know that my latest Happiness book is also available as a Kindle e-book.

Get Happiness for your Kindle


Would you rather have the paperback book? Get it here on Amazon.

TFPH-book-photoActually, I’m more excited about this e-release than I’d like to admit. Since we released my travel hacking book on Kindle a few months ago I’m starting to fall in love with the idea of ebooks. Not only are they better for the environment, but for frequent travellers like me it’s also much easier to carry a whole bookshelf along with you on your trip if they’re stored in your tablet. Did you know Kindle has an iPad app too? You can get all your books on whatever device you already own, which makes Kindle the perfect platform to me.

Go to the Kindle store and check out The Freedom Project.

Get Happiness for your Kindle


If you already have a copy of the book from Amazon and want one for your Kindle too, you can – at a discounted rate right here!

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