The Third Book In The Bestselling Freedom Project Series

I’m really excited to be able to share my latest book, The Freedom Project Love 2.0. The book has the ambitious goal to introduce an upgraded view to the way humans relate to each other, in all areas of life.

The Freedom Project philosophy is to live free through travel, work, and love. Ultimate freedom means designing a lifestyle of wealth, health and abundance, without having to make concessions. This book is for those who don’t want a regular life, but dare to choose excitement, joy and abundance. Love is about creating new ways to take your relationships in all areas of life to the next level. Love, the ultimate journey through life, will help you discover all that – and more.

I’m nervous about sharing the most personal story with you I’ve written so far. The release of this book wraps up a decade of living in Canada. I’m deeply thankful to the many people, like you, who have shared some of that journey with me. In the three Freedom Project books I share it all: the good (travel), the bad (happiness), and the ugly (love). Love is not always a pretty story. But in the end, ‘Love 2.0’ has to do with finding harmony and bringing it into concert with your life.

The initial reviews from some of my mentors, like Dr. John Demartini and Dr. Joe Vitale, were encouraging. Today, I’m excited to now share this book with my friends and colleagues around the world at When you go there, you can also download the accompany workbook, as a free gift to you. I invite you to join me in sharing and (re-)reading this “fabulous and refreshing” book!

Get your copy of The Freedom Project Love 2.0 here. The book is also available on Amazon, Amazon Canada, and pretty much anywhere else they sell books.

With lots of love for you,


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