The last Lonely Planet book you’ll ever buy

This week the postman surprised me with a box of Lonely Planet books. I buy one for every country I visit – so I have built quite the collection on my bookshelf over the years. It makes for a cool addition to my living room. Amongst a few others this time I ordered myself Lonely Planet’s guide to the World. That’s right. The entire World, in one book. Perfect – it might be the last book I’ll ever have to buy to prepare for my travels?

lonely planet

Surely everyone loves a good travel book but sometimes they can be disappointing. Before forking out dollars for a travel book, ask yourself what the purpose is of the travel book you’re about to purchase: are you simply in love with the idea of this book or the book itself? Are you looking for practical travel information? Or do you want to inform yourself about the history and culture of a destination? The reason I keep going back to Lonely Planet is that their books offer a useful mix of all those ingredients.

The_World__Lonely_Planet_s_Guide_to__LargeIn “A Travellerʼs Guide to the Planet“, Lonely Planet has managed to distill a whopping 40 years of travel know-how into a guidebook to the entire planet. Every country has a detailed map, essential facts, inspirational images and its must-see highlights:

  • Discover the highlights of 221 countries in glorious colour
  • Explore your interests, plan itineraries and find out how to get around
  • Our authors share travel secrets and local insights
  • Includes 228 maps, 700 images and 1595 highlights (approx. 2-5 pages per country)

So is it really the last guidebook I’ll ever buy? Probably not. Guidebooks should be compact, so you can fit them in your hand luggage and cheap enough that if you lose them you don’t mind. “A Travellerʼs Guide to the Planet” is more a travel Bible and a little to heavy to haul around. But unless you’re embarking on an around-the-world trip you probably don’t need to.

From now on, my journeys will start with a look through this book, and, once I’ve decided on my next destination, I’ll probably go ahead and buy that guide book too for my collection 🙂

Youʼre holding the whole world in your hands. Adventure and inspirational experiences await around every corner, so what’s stopping you? Go forth and explore.

Order your guide to the planet today
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