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The Reason Most Diets And Small Business Ideas Fail
It seems everyone wants to change their life these days. But contrary to popular belief, following your passions and...
Have You Ever Considered Yourself A Consultant?
Have you ever considered yourself a consultant? The title “consultant” used to be reserved for retired diplomats and former...
Do You Smell The Social Media Bull Sh*T? Here Is My Guide On How To Do It Right
Do you have a Facebook page for your (art) business? I’ve recently seen a lot of people complain that...
Struggling To Find Your Purpose? You’re Not Alone
Are you struggling to find your purpose? You’re not alone. Now more than ever, we’re looking for meaning and connection. To helps us do that, there’s no shortage of life coaches and “manifestation specialists”. They post glamorous updates on social media offering their services to help you get back... Read more
Personalized Online Learning With A Relentless Focus On Your Results
I like to do things a bit different than most, and as such get different results than most. If that’s intriguing to you, and my guess is – it is, you’ve come to the right place. Watch the video below to find out more about what I do, or... Read more
Making Small Changes Makes All The Difference
Did you notice how each state or province has managed the Covid pandemic slightly different? Despite the common goal of fighting this potentially deadly virus, each of them had different outcomes. When comparing countries or continents, the resource distribution is often uneven leading to different results, but if you... Read more
Save Big On My Online Courses For Travelers, Authors and Entrepreneurs Today
Today, I want to extend you an exclusive invitation to join the world’s leading online learning experiences, including my most popular business courses as well as my 3 flagship programs: Write a Book in a Week, the Travel Revolution and my new Break Free Xperience. Which one will you... Read more
Don’t Just Follow Me – I Want To Hear From You
The worst type of email unsubscribes are “friends” that were apparently lurking at your content and then just left without ever saying anything. I hear the same complaint from business owners all the time. The lack of support on social media is overwhelming. Part of this is due to... Read more
Top Online Deals To Be On The Lookout For This Week
With Black Friday only a few days away, we’re seeing more and more “early” online deals popup. Now is the time to begin thinking about what you may want to take advantage of, so you can take action when you see the right offer come by. This will prevent... Read more
Don’t Wait Until Black Friday – Add Something New Today
It’s been quite the year… and there’s only about 30 business days left before the year is officially over. How are you going to use the remaining days this year? Anything you had wanted to do this year, but haven’t yet? Any New Year’s resolutions that are still on... Read more
Service Is A Mindset, Not A Department
As a customer, I know what it’s like to be on the customer side of the counter. You want to turn over your hard earned money in exchange for something you want, either goods or services. Often this process goes well, but from time to time you may be... Read more
You’re awesome

You’re awesome

Entrepreneur October 7, 2021

It’s funny how useless it is to invite “friends” on Facebook to events. The response rate is less than 1%.

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The Great Resignation Is Happening. Here’s What You Need To Know.
In the last few weeks, I’m seeing a significant increase in employees posting about their great resignation and sharing heroic updates about their “two months in” on social media. Congratulations, by the way. The journey you’ve started is an exciting one, and you’re in for a ride. On the... Read more