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Statistics Show Why You Should Focus On Improving Social Media
Without getting sidetracked in paid advertisements, boosting posts, and doing other stuff that doesn’t work, entrepreneurs should always be...
The Reason Most Diets And Small Business Ideas Fail
It seems everyone wants to change their life these days. But contrary to popular belief, following your passions and...
Have You Ever Considered Yourself A Consultant?
Have you ever considered yourself a consultant? The title “consultant” used to be reserved for retired diplomats and former...
Don’t Wait Until Black Friday – Add Something New Today
It’s been quite the year… and there’s only about 30 business days left before the year is officially over. How are you going to use the remaining days this year? Anything you had wanted to do this year, but haven’t yet? Any New Year’s resolutions that are still on... Read more
Service Is A Mindset, Not A Department
As a customer, I know what it’s like to be on the customer side of the counter. You want to turn over your hard earned money in exchange for something you want, either goods or services. Often this process goes well, but from time to time you may be... Read more
You’re awesome

You’re awesome

Entrepreneur October 7, 2021

It’s funny how useless it is to invite “friends” on Facebook to events. The response rate is less than 1%.

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The Great Resignation Is Happening. Here’s What You Need To Know.
In the last few weeks, I’m seeing a significant increase in employees posting about their great resignation and sharing heroic updates about their “two months in” on social media. Congratulations, by the way. The journey you’ve started is an exciting one, and you’re in for a ride. On the... Read more
Self Awareness Is The Difficult Path To Success
It takes strength to work on your weaknesses. The first step on the path to change is awareness. You can’t change something if you’re not aware of the problem that needs to be changed. Self awareness, being aware of your self, is the first step on the path to... Read more
Why Social Media Ads Are A Waste Of Your Time And Money
Ever since my iPhone started tracking how much time I spent by looking at the screen and reporting my total “screen time”, I’ve become awkwardly self-aware of how much time I could have left in the day working on things I actually cared about. And even with that knowledge,... Read more
Don’t believe the lies of success

Every day I see some ad on social media talking about books, seminars and workshops promising to make us more successful.

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Remembering Wayne Dyer: 10 quotes to help you live an inspired life

Here are 10 of my favourite Wayne Dyer quotes – to remember him as a remarkable inspiration for millions of people all over the world, as well as to inspire you to take the next step towards doing something good for yourself, and the world.

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Looking For Opportunities? Six Tips For Starting A New Business Online
When I scroll through my LinkedIn feed, there’s a lot of people “looking for opportunities”. Some say they’ve sent out hundreds or even thousands of resumes without much luck in securing an interview for their next job. My question is – what else are you doing in the meantime,... Read more
Why I love doing a 1000 projects at a time

Am I scattered? Someone literally asked me that question the other day. I do get bored easily, so I enjoy many different things – preferably at the same time. I’m just a Dutch guy, relocated to Canada and now living a creative life around the world. I’m also a travel hacker. Bestselling author. Award winning fine art photographer. Coffee addict.

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