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Have You Ever Considered Yourself A Consultant?
Have you ever considered yourself a consultant? The title “consultant” used to be reserved for retired diplomats and former...
Running Your Business On AutoPilot
I created my Business AutoPilot course thanks to a chronic lack of sleep (no joke). Now that it’s done,...
Building Your Brand And Making A Name For Yourself Online
I’ve written about the significance of building a personal brand several times before. When you enter the URL of...
The secret to making money

It turns out my post about multi level marketing, and why I dislike the model, created some quite a few waves with people disliking what I wrote. This post will share some additional thoughts about making money

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Why I love using video online to break the internet barriers

Having created several online courses now on a variety of topics, it’s safe to say I love using online video. When done correctly, it takes your message from another impersonal internet-expression to a personal connection with your audience.

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Some easy ways to benefit more from your personal virtual assistant

I can be a bit of a control-freak, so delegating isn’t necessarily one of my strong suits. If you’re new to the idea of having a personal virtual assistant, you might have to go through a similar learning curve as you figure out what and how you can delegate to your assistant. Here’s some easy ways to get started. Because if you don’t have an assistant, you are one.

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The first steps towards building a successful small business website
How important is domain registration and hosting to your website? I have created many websites, both for myself or for one of my businesses, it has become crystal clear that one of the most important steps in the process of establishing your online presence is the domain registration and... Read more
My secret to personal branding – and why it’s mandatory for everyone
​I can’t believe the month of March is already behind us when I’m writing this post. It’s been a busy and turbulent start of the year for me. The one big question I kept getting these past months is how I managed to get in to the top 10% of... Read more
How I became a social media influencer
Have you ever looked up your Klout score? Klout is a company that measures the social media impact someone has. I never used to care much about my score, but other people did. I’ve gotten free trips, personalized welcome letters and gifts in hotels, and other cool perks –... Read more
Tips on reducing taxes by thousands of dollars for small businesses
Many small business owners leave a lot of money on the table when it comes to taxes. Especially the “artrepreneur” category I work with a lot tends to forget about important tax advantages that might be available to them as entrepreneurs. In this article I’ll be sharing some of... Read more
What kind of results do you see from your social media activity?
Quick question for you: what kind of results are you getting from your social media activity? I’m not talking about how many friends “liked” your recent vacation pictures (even though vacation pictures are always nice too) – but what kind of leads and sales is your business getting based on what... Read more
Why apparent failure in business can be a good thing: turning roadblocks into stepping stones
Ever had some issues trying to accomplish something you really wanted to do? We all have. For anything new to manifest in your life the old behaviors and patterns first have to fall away, which could make for a bit of turbulence along the way. That’s a natural process,... Read more
What does it mean when someone says they’re looking for opportunities?

Be careful when someone says they’re looking for opportunities. It all depends what an opportunity means to them. To me – it means getting out of my comfort zone, potentially trying something new that I haven’t done before. A career is more than a circus act where you get to perform the same trick over and over again.

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