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The End Is Near: Dealing With The Covid19 Mental Health Aftermath
The end of the covid19 pandemic is near. Finally. Now 99 or maybe even 100% of us have now experienced some form of trauma, some form of loss. Most people are one family member removed from someone with a mental issue of some sorts. It’s no longer us and... Read more
Why I Went Running Every Day Last Month
Last month has been an interesting month for me, and I didn’t start it off on the right foot. The end of the Covid19 pandemic may be near, but my 4 requirements before I’ll travel again still aren’t met – so I can’t go anywhere. The press talks a... Read more
Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol For A While
Stress on the body is a bad thing. It’s common knowledge that eating healthy is a major contributor to a healthy body. Junk food, alcohol, smoking and all other things we throw at our system doesn’t make a positive contribution to our overall health. Science has proven that over... Read more
How to stay fit while traveling: ten helpful tips for exercise success
Cardiovascular exercise stimulates your entire body, encouraging improved circulation, heart and lung strength, system detoxification and more. It also enhances your mood and quality of life. Weight-training exercise increases lean muscle mass. Muscle burns calories for energy, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.... Read more
How to stay fit while traveling: ten helpful tips for dieting success
Being on the road can take it’s toll on all those good intentions of eating healthy and staying fit. I’ve learned to avoid fried foods, refined sugar, carbonated soft drinks and trans-fats as much as possible. Too many people are obsessed with counting calories, while not enough people pay attention... Read more