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Feeling Bored In Isolation Or Quarantine?
The coronavirus (covid19) is here and will be around for a while, most likely many more of us will...
A Year In Review

A Year In Review

Journal November 30, 2022

December for me is a month in which I look back on the past year, and set some goals for the new year ahead. It’s an exciting month for me, with Christmas being my favourite holiday of the year. Decorating the house always marks the fact that we’ve made... Read more
A new approach to my email schedule

Until now I’ve been sending out weekly “digest” emails on Friday, summarizing all my blog posts for that week. After careful consideration, I will now send you an email update with every new blog post in order to give you all the information you want, right when you want it. Yes, that means a few more emails but also easier, bite-size updates.

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Less Media, More Social – Are You With Me?
A lot has changed on on my end. After over a decade I’ve left Calgary and moved even further West to be closer to the water again. I thought I wouldn’t be moving here, but eventually did anyway. Hello, Vancouver! A different city means a different area code, so... Read more
Please Stop Mindlessly Sharing Mental Health Posts
Have you seen any of those mental health related posts on social media lately? Something like this: Mental health issues related to the pandemic are especially hard for people with depression and other mental health disorders. Could any two of my Facebook friends just copy and repost to share... Read more
Change Is Inevitable – But How Do You Manage Change In A Technology Environment?
Change is inevitable – it’s happening either way – but that’s just a cliche. The reality is that change is happening whether you have a change management process in place or not, so you may as well leverage that momentum of change for something better: improve your service quality through... Read more
The You I Can’t See
I ended up watching Oprah’s show about mental health on Apple TV – if you have the chance I recommend you give the first two episodes a try at least. Getting a different side of Harry and Meghan’s story (and so many others) moved me and was very recognizable... Read more
New Course On Service Level Management and IT Governance
Just in: my new course on Service Level Management and IT Governance. The objective of this new program is to provide you with a structured approach to implementing service level management that will be usable across a wide range of service organizations. The principles I’ll share with you in... Read more
New Online Course on Key Performance Indicators and Reporting
As promised – my new course Service Management Key Performance Indicators and Reporting is now live and available for you to preview at Liberty Training Academy! You could be one of the first people to get access. This course will be more advanced than the foundation course on Service Management... Read more
It’s My Birthday Today – Get Any 2 Courses For $40
It’s my birthday month this April – and if you’ve been with me for a while you know I always do something special. This year we put a fresh coat of paint on my training website, and made (almost) all programs available for under $20 for a limited time.... Read more
Dealing with death while abroad

I knew that eventually I too would get that dreaded phone call from the old homeland informing me a family member had passed away, or is about to.

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