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Gratitude: The secret ingredient of success
One of the most inspiring things you can do for yourself is to find gratitude in your everyday life. Just take some...
Join The Freedom Project Online: Travel, Happiness and Freedom
I’m super excited to now have an online version of some of the things I teach in my book The...
4 Tips to Cultivate a Millionaire Mindset
You may often find yourself wondering why some individuals struggle to exist. Especially while at the same time others...
Gratitude: The secret ingredient of success
One of the most inspiring things you can do for yourself is to find gratitude in your everyday life. Just take some time every day to be consciously grateful for the things in our life that we are grateful for – and that includes being grateful for unpleasant things that did not... Read more
Canadian Thanksgiving: Your early reminder to develop an Attitude of Gratitude
Today is Thanksgiving again for the Canadians. We’re a little ahead of the game here up North. Not unlikely because very soon hell might freeze over once more. Might as well get Thanksgiving out of the way. But the time of year doesn’t matter. Anytime is a good time... Read more
Time Management: Give A Little, Get A Lot
Kathy has a problem. She has a huge project proposal due on Wednesday. However, her daughter, Tina, has dance practice this afternoon. Fido (the dog) has to stay on his feeding schedule (he’s lactose intolerant), and she has to have her suit dry cleaned in time for a presentation... Read more
Speeding fines double?

“Speeding fines are double when construction workers are present.”

I get it. Working on the side (or just on) the road is scary business.

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My first steps on Route 66 and building traffic for your website
For my birthday a few years ago I visited Chicago. A lot of my followers asked me why I decided to visit Chicago. Of all places. My simple answer was – why not? I’d never been to Chicago, and figured some deep dish pizza would be an appropriate way to... Read more
Warning labels

Warning labels

Lifestyle August 5, 2022

Just bought new patio chairs, but I think I might have to return them.

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15 tips for finding happiness every day

Ranging from missed meetings to technical website trouble I wasted a lot of time not accomplishing much at all today. I think I’ll opt to take the next holiday Canada comes up with as a day off and go for a long bike ride or something.

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Accessing the unlimited power of your subconscious mind
Have you ever bought a new, or new to you, car? I have, and every time the week after I purchase my car all of a sudden everybody else seems to have purchased that exact same car. I might have written a book or two, but it’s highly unlikely... Read more
12 motivational quotes to start your day on the right foot
Some days a motivational quote is exactly the quick pick-me-up I need. They can be a breath of fresh air when you’re in the midst of an uninspiring afternoon. Quotes are also a great way to spice up an email signature or even to simply write it on your whiteboard at work. Using inspiring... Read more
Avoiding The Gratitude Trap: 6 Realistic Tips For A Healthier Mindset
Heads up: This is not yet-another-post about gratitude. The word is overused these days to the point where it doesn’t have much meaning anymore. Hearing someone talk about gratitude can even be upsetting, which isn’t conducive to fostering a healthy mindset at all. Being grateful for everything, means nothing. You... Read more

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