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Join The Freedom Project Online: Travel, Happiness and Freedom
I’m super excited to now have an online version of some of the things I teach in my book The...
4 Tips to Cultivate a Millionaire Mindset
You may often find yourself wondering why some individuals struggle to exist. Especially while at the same time others...
Gratitude: The secret ingredient of success
One of the most inspiring things you can do for yourself is to find gratitude in your everyday life. Just take some...
How Do You Live Your Best Life When You’re Stuck In A Rut?
Life can feel like New York traffic sometimes. It sounds exciting but it isn’t really moving at times. Are you stuck in a rut and unsure how to make changes in your life? Your thoughts, your feelings, what you focus on have all created your reality. How do you... Read more
Taking A Break From Facebook And Instagram To Improve Mental Health?
I know this is not an airport and I don’t need to announce my departure… but I’m leaving. After hearing about riots in The Hague (my hometown) and various other Dutch cities in late 2021 it’s time to call it as I see it: as social media has played... Read more
Stop Talking About Your Goals And New Years Resolutions – Instead, Do This
Stop talking about your goals. Yeah, I said it. Don’t talk about your goals anymore. And while I’m at it: get rid of your vision board. I cleaned mine out the other day. I had enough of positive thinking for the sake of positive thinking. It doesn’t work. Vision... Read more
Five life lessons from my Happiness book to help you live a more balanced life

A few weeks ago my new Happiness book was released, and quickly became a number one hot release on Amazon – which proved that sharing happiness brings happiness 🙂 In this article I’ll be sharing five life lessons from The Freedom Project: Happiness to help you live a more balanced life.

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Be more conscious about using your subconscious brain power
I had always believed that humans only use a few percent of our brainpower at most. The majority of it, I thought, is just grey matter, doing not much more than taking up space. Contrary to that still more or less popular belief, the subconscious brain obviously fulfills a lot of... Read more
Feeling Lonely And Thought It Was Just You? Yeah, Me Too
Feeling lonely and thought it was just you? Yeah, me too. But the loneliness epidemic we’re facing is real, and things are getting worse. A global pandemic didn’t help the situation. Neither did social media. Everybody has some form of pain. You can think and even look like you’re the... Read more
5 key inspiring actions that can change your life
If you’re having trouble getting inspired, it may be simply your choice of words. Earlier I wrote about the story we tell about ourselves – but today I want to introduce five action verbs that can help get you inspired and get you out of your rut. We’ve all been... Read more
What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?

Lifestyle October 30, 2021

Are you happy? What does happiness even mean? Many of us are not sure about that. Happiness can not be easily defined. Also, most of us are not living happily. Despite all the technological advances, unhappiness somehow appears to be the curse of our modern age. What is happiness? When I... Read more
Great things happen to those who don’t wait
Many people spend a lot of time analyzing, planning and organizing various parts of their life, but they fail to take action. Successful people also analyze, plan and organize, but they never fail to take action. When you take action things start to happen. Personally, I learn much more quickly while I... Read more
Believe in yourself: you already have what it takes
We are able to achieve whatever our minds can conceive and believe. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” If that’s true, we have to replace all our negative expectations with positive ones, in order for our minds to start working towards the... Read more