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Gratitude: The secret ingredient of success
One of the most inspiring things you can do for yourself is to find gratitude in your everyday life. Just take some...
Join The Freedom Project Online: Travel, Happiness and Freedom
I’m super excited to now have an online version of some of the things I teach in my book The...
4 Tips to Cultivate a Millionaire Mindset
You may often find yourself wondering why some individuals struggle to exist. Especially while at the same time others...
What Kind Of Universe Do We Live In?
Imagine this: You leave your home town to start your own business, but it doesn’t take off. By the time you’re 21 years old, you (and your venture) are bankrupt. Soon after that, you lose your life partner to a terminal disease. Then, in your 30s and 40s, you... Read more
Did You Miss Our Meeting? A Story On Personal Integrity
One of my biggest pet peeves: people not showing up for meetings on time, or not at all. Without notice. That’s just terrible from an integrity standpoint. And a waste of my time. I run my schedule on Dutch time: if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re already late.... Read more
A Season Of Change: About Choices, Chances, And Changes In Life
Needless to say the past 2 years have presented challenges and struggles for all. Dealing with travel and other restrictions created a great deal of uncertainty. For many it’s also become a time to reflect on what actually matters and making meaningful changes where necessary. Meanwhile I’ve been longing... Read more
Open for Registrations: The Break Free Xperience
The world is in a time of unprecedented change now. It’ll take a while to get everything back up and running and define what the new “normal” will look like. Historically, times of global uncertainty and change always bring great opportunity. But overnight results don’t exist. Change takes time.... Read more
Hector and the Search for Happiness
We seem to be obsessed with happiness. A friend texted me the other day, asking me how happy I was. At that moment it was probably a 9, or even a 10. I was having a beer outside on my patio, in the midst of a Canadian winter –... Read more
What’s your LOVE story?
Love is a tricky topic – it’s why some people probably hated Valentine’s Day today and others loved it. What side are you on? Love is my greatest nemesis, and yet I wrote a book about the topic. Not because I have all the answers, but because I’m looking... Read more
Dealing with death while abroad

I knew that eventually I too would get that dreaded phone call from the old homeland informing me a family member had passed away, or is about to.

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Why I Don’t Like Anything That’s Free

In an attempt to be polite, we often don’t say what we really mean.

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Fireworks, resolutions and honesty

I overheard a story recently about a new gym being opened. It’s called “Resolutions”, and it’s only a gym during January and then turns into a bar for the rest of the year.

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What chapters of your life are you ready to throw out?
When writing my latest book The Freedom Project: Happiness, certain ideas and chapters didn’t make it into the book because we didn’t like them and decided to throw them out. They didn’t fit as well with the rest of the book as I thought they originally would. In creating and... Read more