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How To Find The Best Travel Deals Online
When searching for travel deals everybody starts in one place: online. The internet has opened up a whole new...
The Experience Value of being Higher than Empire State
The most important thing I get out of travel is something I call Experience Value. Experience Value doesn’t directly...
The story behind the Lady in Red
This image takes me back to Paris. It was late summer of 2011 and I went back to Europe...
Do you remember the last travel picture you took?

As a travel photographer, I take a lot of pictures when I’m on the road. But no matter what trip I’m on, there’s always that very last picture I took. And usually, until I get home, I don’t realize a certain moment turns out to be the very last picture of a trip.

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8 tips for traveling with young children
Traveling with young children can be torture. It doesn’t only put stress on the kids and their parents, but especially when flying think about everybody else in the plane. We all have a story about spending too much time on a plane with too many screaming kids in our near... Read more
My travel book review in less than 5 minutes

Get to know The Freedom Project: Travel in this short, less than five minutes video.

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How to get a free roundtrip flight anywhere in North America
I wrote an entire book about my travel hacking principles, but the one question I keep getting is about the magical free airfare. I’ve even seen people post quotes and images on social media stating, “If travel were free you’d never see me again”. Well, I replied, it is, and... Read more
Tips to help the environment when you travel
Whether you are traveling you can be conscious of your impact on the environment. Here are some green traveling tips to help you have a fun and eco-friendly trip. Planning your trip: Look for hotel accommodations and tours that carry environmental friendly certifications or memberships in green industry associations... Read more
Tired of the same old hotels when travelling? Try these alternatives
If you’re tired of the same old cookie cutter hotels when you travel maybe it’s time you spiced up your stays with some unique hotel ideas that will make your trip more memorable. Especially with hotel costs seeming to be at an all-time high, it might be time to... Read more
How to save money for travel

Travel is something I consistently save money for. But then again, travel is not about money – money is just an excuse people use not to travel.

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Money saving tips for travelers
I hope that these money tips will help you save some money while traveling and make your trip more enjoyable. Planning Start with thorough trip planning. Use free destination guides. Buy a guidebook, it will pay for itself within the first day of your trip. Do not forget to buy... Read more
The difference between travel and vacation
Now, more than ever, we travel. We pack our suitcases, make sure we haven’t forgotten the sunscreen, stick our passport in our back pocket and head for the door. But so often we take our own little world with us. Working all year round for those precious couple of... Read more
Why Now Is a Great Time to Travel to Cuba
Travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens is a hot topic these days, with many Americans interested in visiting before the country opens up completely to foreign influence. At the same time, there are still a lot of real and perceived challenges to travel being reported in the media. While... Read more