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Do NOT Quit Your Job And Travel The World
Have you ever heard anyone say quit your job to go travel the world? I’m here to tell you...
My travel book review in less than 5 minutes
Get to know The Freedom Project: Travel in this short, less than five minutes video.
On Behalf Of Grounded Travellers, Separated Couples and Families Worldwide: Is It Time To Get Vaccinated?
“Are your vaccinations up to date?” This used to be a common question for anyone travelling anywhere more or...
Get a limo on your next trip – it might be cheaper than a taxi or shuttle
In addition to flying direct whenever I can, there are many more ways to ensure I get to my destination as wrinkle free as possible. While group shuttle services at most airports provide a very cost effective way to get to the hotel or accommodation, I’ve certainly not found... Read more
Unconventional Travel Tips To Really Understand The Beauty of Paris
Don’t you love booking travel online? I love traveling and I’m almost always on the go. But booking trips tends to stress me out. Booking sites pride themselves in offering millions of accommodations worldwide. You think that’s good? Think again. Having too many options available is exactly what got... Read more
Why I always choose to fly direct

After my recent disaster flight with United I was reminded of one of my most important travel principles: which is to always (always) fly direct. It’s not always possible, so if the itinerary requires it I’ll make a stopover somewhere if necessary, but for most cases I’ve made it one of my golden rules to always fly direct whenever possible.

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Why I Hardly Participate In Art Shows Anymore

“Thank you for your submission to the “x” exhibition. Making selections was extremely challenging for our juror, due to the amount of excellent work submitted.

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Letting the good times roll in New Orleans, Louisiana
A while back, I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. My liver is still recovering from the adventure, but “Noo Aw-lins” has a lot more to offer than cheap drinks. New Orleans, the largest city of Louisiana, located on a Mississippi River bend... Read more
How do I travel all the time?

What I had to do in order to keep travelling and explore the world from my new Canadian home base, is to find a way to get onboard of airplanes for free.

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7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Cruise Vacation
There’s a difference between travel and vacation. Taking a cruise definitely falls in the latter category, but despite that it can still be a great way to quickly explore parts of the world at a daily rate that can be more budget friendly than some of the other travel... Read more
Need More Time In The Day? Travel Somewhere!
A lot of things can get in the way of getting away. Life happens. And then there’s the travel industry using their clever profit optimization tactics against the traveler. As a result, most people don’t know how to travel as often as they’d like. They stay at home, wishing... Read more
Plan your book, then plan your trip
When you plan to make a book about your vacation travels before you leave, the experience of your trip will be much better – as will your book. This applies even more if you want your book to be more than a simple collection of photographs. To create more of a journalistic or documentary-style... Read more
This Travel Program Is Full Of Insider Secrets – Here’s How To Get In
Let’s see the world, differently. I’m on a mission to change the way you travel, and see the world. Travel is the best educator and a catalyst for personal growth. The more we expose ourselves to new and different experiences and opportunities, the more we can allow ourselves to... Read more