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Don’t Quit Your Job To Follow The Dream. Do This Instead
Do you have too much work to do and too little time to do it? You worry about your...
Do NOT Quit Your Job And Travel The World
Have you ever heard anyone say quit your job to go travel the world? I’m here to tell you...
My travel book review in less than 5 minutes
Get to know The Freedom Project: Travel in this short, less than five minutes video.
How to have non-gambling fun in Las Vegas

I’m almost always planning a trip to Las Vegas – what used to be a trip of a lifetime when I lived in Europe is just a perfect quick getaway now that I’m based in Western Canada. And there’s a lot more to do than just gambling.

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Honduras: The perfect hiding spot in Central America
The island of Roatan could be called a perfect hiding place in itself, but this secluded beach area definitely was the perfect hiding spot to soak up some rays during my last trip to this beautiful island. Central America offers mesmerizing insight into the beauty of life and tradition... Read more
Vancouver, a metropolitan diamond in the rough

I’ve traveled to Vancouver so many times it has become my home away from home – but never have I captured a photograph of the famous Inuksuk near English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – until now 🙂

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Looking back on eight years in Canada

This week I celebrated my eight “Canaversary” – time flies when you’re having fun, or not at all. It’s been a hell of a ride, and I’m grateful to those who shared some (or all) of it with me.

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I’m giving away free copies of my Travel book!
My publisher has overstocked some of my travel books – and while supplies last they have agreed to let me give them away for absolutely FREE! I would love to send you a copy to keep for yourself or give away to someone else. Simply order one for yourself... Read more
Should you quit your job and travel the world?
There’s been a trend lately with the rise of modern day, permanent nomads. They’re adventurers who sell everything they own to live a life of permanent travel. I’ve met a few of them and I’m very impressed by their lifestyle choice. I commend them for living their lives the... Read more
Overbooking airline seats should be outlawed
On my way to Miami I got stuck for nearly two days in Newark thanks to poor management by United Airlines (read the full article on flying their “friendly” skies here). I usually enjoy hanging out at the airport, but two days on seven dollar meal vouchers is, even for... Read more
Is it time to take a permanent vacation?
There are days where I just want to drop everything and leave. Not what you might expect from the author of a bestselling book about happiness – but some days I’ve just had enough of it all. Enough of western society, the way people treat each other, the loneliness... Read more
Why you need to stop selling yourself on Facebook
After an almost month-long journey through Central America, being completely disconnected from everything (that’s the way I like it) I just logged back into Facebook for the first time. It hit me more than ever that a lot of my “friends” are trying to sell me something, instead of share... Read more
10 tips to take care of yourself abroad (and at home)
We’re often willing to do more for others, than for ourselves. As a result, most people do not take good care of themselves. They think having goals and dreams for their own life is selfish and self-indulgent. This could not be further from the truth. They forget that only when we... Read more