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Don’t Quit Your Job To Follow The Dream. Do This Instead
Do you have too much work to do and too little time to do it? You worry about your...
Do NOT Quit Your Job And Travel The World
Have you ever heard anyone say quit your job to go travel the world? I’m here to tell you...
My travel book review in less than 5 minutes
Get to know The Freedom Project: Travel in this short, less than five minutes video.
Do you remember the last travel picture you took?

As a travel photographer, I take a lot of pictures when I’m on the road. But no matter what trip I’m on, there’s always that very last picture I took. And usually, until I get home, I don’t realize a certain moment turns out to be the very last picture of a trip.

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How to get a free roundtrip flight anywhere in North America
I wrote an entire book about my travel hacking principles, but the one question I keep getting is about the magical free airfare. I’ve even seen people post quotes and images on social media stating, “If travel were free you’d never see me again”. Well, I replied, it is, and... Read more
How travel turns your brain on

I watched this great video the other day about a guy who decided to quit his job and live on his bicycle. I’m Dutch and legend has it the Dutch are born on bicycles, but even though I agree with everything he says in this video I still don’t aspire living on a bicycle. But watch the video first…

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How to eat like a local when traveling abroad
When I arrive in a new place, I don’t like to have a quick meal at the first restaurant that catches my eye. The food usually turns out to be disappointing and the service even worse. Being stuck in a bad tourist-trap restaurant is such a waste of a... Read more
How to avoid surprise airline fees
When I first got introduced to the wonderful world of air transportation, things were pretty friendly. A kind word or genuine smile would easily get an overweight suitcase past the scale and on board of the plane, without paying any extra fees. It does seem that mentality has changed. Nowadays... Read more
If I could live again my life

Moments (Spanish: ‘Instantes’) is the title of a poem that’s often incorrectly attributed to Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.

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A brand new year, a brand new travel blog: welcome to Living by Experience

Hello again, world! With the New Year comes a new blog.

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Old Lang Syne

Old Lang Syne

Travel December 31, 2014

A while ago (actually a few years ago) I celebrated my 30th birthday in Vancouver.

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Tango in Buenos Aires

Tango in Buenos Aires

Travel December 1, 2014

The tango is so intimate that one gets confused;

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My ode to Canada, for cage free humans everywhere

It all began in 2008, I was 26 at the time. Young, green, and very naive. I knew I wanted something different.

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