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Do NOT Quit Your Job And Travel The World
Have you ever heard anyone say quit your job to go travel the world? I’m here to tell you...
My travel book review in less than 5 minutes
Get to know The Freedom Project: Travel in this short, less than five minutes video.
On Behalf Of Grounded Travellers, Separated Couples and Families Worldwide: Is It Time To Get Vaccinated?
“Are your vaccinations up to date?” This used to be a common question for anyone travelling anywhere more or...
Thinking about traveling somewhere you have never been?
What can you tell other travelers? The best tip I can give you if you want to go travel is this: to just go I actually wrote an entire book about that which shares the way I’ve planned my travels and how I book airfare, how I book hotels, how... Read more
Why I never stay in the cheapest hotel room
Staying in the cheapest hotel possible is often not the experience that’s worthwhile remembering, but yet a lot of travel agents have issues selling the better hotel rooms and asking for a little more money. My travel agent hardly ever gets me the cheapest rate; instead they get me... Read more
Using And Understanding Your Passion For Travel
What’s your true passion? What would you do all day, just because you like doing it? For many years I’ve been overthinking my passion. I thought it had to be something “noble”. I wanted to help others and be of service, so thought about the things I “had” to... Read more
How To Land Free Or Cheap Flights As Travel Resumes
Do you dream of traveling the world, and flying (for free) again? Travel is the best educator and a catalyst for personal growth. Not being able to do that has taken, and continues to take, a toll. All we need in life is the people we love, the places... Read more
The U.S. Border Is Finally Open Again… Or Is It?
The US Land border is finally open to Canadian travellers. It’s also open to European travellers by the way, so Canada didn’t get any sort of neighbourly preferential treatment, in case you were wondering. Either way, here’s what you need to know in case you were considering a trip... Read more
Are You Ready To Set Sail On A Cruise Vacation?
As we enter the colder months, cruise ships will once again be setting sail with more and more travellers flocking to warmer destinations. Are you ready to schedule your next vacation? As travel is starting to resume globally it’s time to start making some plans, even if you’re not... Read more
To Airbnb Or Not To Airbnb – That’s The Question
Once all the flights are booked, I go back to my list of accommodations and simply fill in the blanks for the rest of the trip, one baby step at a time. Where To Stay Since there are usually less airplanes landing at the destination on any given day... Read more
Is International Travel Still A Bad Idea?
After some record-high Covid-19 patients in Alberta’s ICUs this past month, and numbers expected to rise even more, I couldn’t help it but wonder: When will international air travel soar again? We’ve all put off our international trips since March 2020, and many of us are thinking of booking a winter... Read more
The black sheep

The black sheep

Travel October 28, 2021

I haven’t seen my family for almost three years now. I blame the Atlantic Ocean, and myself for choosing to live on the other side of it.

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How Do You Find The Best Flights?
Even though I usually fly for free, my most important goal is always to pay less than average. There are a few tricks to get on board with the “below average” group. Here’s how I find the best flights. First, my goal is never to pay bottom price, but... Read more