Are you a teacher, a fellow traveller or a student?

Too often we struggle too much in an attempt to figure things out on our own instead of asking for help. Asking for help is perceived as a sign of weakness. We forget that people who are ahead of us have already accomplished what we’re trying to do. Success leaves clues. People who have already done what you want to do are usually not hiding. Now, more than ever before, they want to be found. Many of them have websites and are active on social media. I know several very successful authors who manage their own social media presence, simply because they like interacting with their fans. It’s easy to connect with them and ask for help directly, or indirectly by looking at the example they’ve set and the trail they left by doing what they did. You can follow that trail, or even better use it as a guideline to find and create your own unique path.

You want to be a teacher to those who are behind you, a fellow traveller to those with you and a student to those ahead of you.

We need a support system in our daily life. We need to surround ourselves with positive, successful people that we can rely on directly for feedback and support. If you’re trying to get to your destination when you’re driving somewhere by testing out every possible exit on the highway you might eventually still get there, but the trip will take a lot longer than if you had used a map, or asked for directions. I often bounce ideas I have off of my support group and listen to the feedback they give me. Feedback from others is very helpful and brings ideas to fruition much faster. It helps with self-doubt and second-guessing yourself, too.

Are you ready to get the help you deserve on your journey? Maybe it’s time to hire a coach and enrol yourself in a program that will help you. I’ve created several online learning experiences – because the one thing that’s more fun than doing the things I love is teaching others how to do it for themselves. Whether it’s photography, writing a book or some of the other experiences I’ve had – check out my online programs and join me today on a fun journey towards your goals!

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