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Building Your Brand And Making A Name For Yourself Online Building Your Brand And Making A Name For Yourself Online
I’ve written about the significance of building a personal brand several times before. When you enter the URL of your website, my new project... Building Your Brand And Making A Name For Yourself Online

I’ve written about the significance of building a personal brand several times before. When you enter the URL of your website, my new project “What’s My Site Value” will even give you a dollar based estimate for your online presence. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

What’s My Site Value


Even though I built the site, I was disappointed when I entered some of my own website addresses to be assessed, so I looked for ways to improve the value of my brands. My growth hacking class shares all my learnings in building brand value the organic way, without wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work (like “boosting” social media posts and other ways of giving your money away to social media platforms without seeing any significant result).

Building Your Brand

There are three different levels of marketing significance when it comes to your online business, and, with that, there are three different levels of strategy that result in three different sets of results.

1) Advertising – This strategy is primarily designed to elicit short-term results on a specific campaign or site performance goal. I don’t do much advertising at all. The strategies I teach are all based on long-term, organic plays. Results take more time, but less money. Pick the one you have more of.

2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This strategy is designed for long-term growth by getting search engines to recognize your site and view you as trustworthy and deserving of a high ranking. I’ve ran several SEO focused business on Search Engine Optimization ever since I was in college. Click here to learn more about SEO, how your website is ranking currently and how you could improve it organically.

3) Personal Brand Building – This strategy is designed for long-term growth, but has more to do with customer confidence in your product or services, and less with driving new traffic to your site.

Develop Trust and Confidence

In web branding the goal is to develop trust and confidence in your product or service as an entrepreneur. People have a natural desire to connect with other human beings, even online. The goal of your digital branding is to illicit those connections and start building trust with a larger audience.

You can develop a strong web presence and find new customers without spending more advertising dollars to drive unqualified traffic to your site?

If you develop a solid personal branding strategy, a customer will have no reservations returning to use your services or buy your product again and again. The more you can build your personal brand, and niche, customers will even pay a premium because they are confident you can and will deliver on your promises. You’ve built a level of trust with them, which means customers are more likely to do business with you than anyone else. These customers have seen your track record and they are satisfied you will do what you say you will do. This is why I believe more so in promises, than guarantees.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Building a niche for yourself means you set yourself aside from the competition, to the point where you no longer have to compete on price alone. Because if you live by price, you die by price. This may be a great strategy for companies like Amazon and Walmart, but likely it doesn’t work as well for you. If you’ve taken the time to understand the core of your business, you’ll gain a clearer picture of how your customers can enjoy the uniqueness of your business. You can then leverage that special something into a means of branding for your personal brand.

While both advertising and SEO are important marketing strategies, most entrepreneurs miss the mark in defining their niche: the difference between any other businesses that sells a product and THE business for that same product or service: yours. The end goal of a well executed personal branding strategy is to have customers view you as the only reputable seller of whatever product or service you specialize in.

Making a Name for Yourself

There are far too many businesses that happy to simply sell a product without ever really making a name for themselves. You don’t need to be one of those, or, better said, if you ever aim to achieve any mentionable level of success for your brand you shouldn’t be part of that crowd.

Instead, define your niche, and stand out from the crowd. Isn’t it time you started taking steps to make a name for yourself? If you are ready for a different marketing approach for your business, have a look at my Growth Hacking course for digital entrepreneurs. It’ll help build your personal brand, and set yourself aside from the competition by focusing on organic marketing strategies that work.

Stop Wasting Money

Long story short: please stop wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work. Instead, take the fast track to structurally improve your online presence and develop the essential skills to turn your personal brand into your own legend.

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