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Do You Have A Dream – Or A Problem? Do You Have A Dream – Or A Problem?
What’s the one line Martin Luther King is known for? “I have a dream.” “I have a problem.” Obviously, option number one is the... Do You Have A Dream – Or A Problem?

What’s the one line Martin Luther King is known for?

  1. “I have a dream.”
  2. “I have a problem.”

Obviously, option number one is the right answer. Martin Luther King’s famous line is “I have a dream”. My Love 2.0 book was endorsed by DJ Fre3 Fly who made a remix of that famous, and inspiring, sentence. “I have a dream.”

Out of all people, Martin Luther King could legitimately say that he had a problem. Probably more than one. Going against the racial oppression of his time was certainly, and unfortunately, not the norm. He had many, legitimate, problems.

Instead, he’s known for his infamous words. They are not “I have a problem”, but “I have a dream”. He focused on what mattered most to him.

What’s Your Dream?

What’s your dream? And what are you doing towards achieving it and making it a reality? It doesn’t have to be as profound as Martin Luther King’s dream – but yours is just as important in your day and age, to have a larger impact with the community you serve in the impactful work you do.

Building a support team full of successful people can help you reach your goals. As I often tell my author clients, we’re not trying to replicate Shakespeare. The point is not to compare yourself to someone else – whether that’s Shakespeare, Martin Luther King, or anyone else. The point is that you have a dream – and the work you do towards achieving that dream is most important because likely no one else will do the work required to achieve your dream.

Let’s Get To Work

Having personal resolve is crucial on your path to success, but you can’t walk that path on your own. Highly successful people always have others to inspire or mentor them along the way.

Even though it’s tempting to ask advice from friends or coworkers, it’s far more useful to ask people who’ve already achieved what you want to achieve.

Support others, and they will support you in return. Create meaningful, honest relationships in the work you’re doing today. Who are you connecting with that can help you on your journey to success?

Creating Meaningful Relationships

To get the most benefit out of your support network, you must first lay a solid foundation of honesty and appreciation to build meaningful relationships. Being a “wealthy” person means so much more than just having a lot of cash in the bank. Happiness and relationships form a foundation for lasting financial success.

No matter what your situation is today, you can achieve your greatest ambitions, but it takes some know-how.

Achieving Entrepreneurial Success

The goal in my entrepreneurial success program is to share the mistakes I’ve made, but more importantly to create an environment of success for people with meaningful goals and messages to share with the world. To be successful, you’ll have to surround yourself with people who will never give up on you – because your story matters and can be of benefit to many when shared and leveraged the right way. In essence, that’s what I work on most with my entrepreneur and author clients. That being said, if there’s anything I can support you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best Practice Solutions

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