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Does Your Business Need A Little Extra Support? Does Your Business Need A Little Extra Support?
Every quarter, I set my goals for my life as a creative entrepreneur. Which sometimes means I spend a weekend (or even a week)... Does Your Business Need A Little Extra Support?

Every quarter, I set my goals for my life as a creative entrepreneur. Which sometimes means I spend a weekend (or even a week) resetting myself. Forgetting about everything I’ve been doing – and looking at what still works, and what doesn’t.

When I first moved to Canada I didn’t create a career I truly believed in – just rolled from one job to another, doing what I thought people expected of me. I was never really happy, but I was somewhat comfortable in my JOB. Until I realized that JOB stands for Just Over Broke.

Today – I still pay that price. What if I had started a more creative, independent journey, sooner. Even though I’m not yet where I want to be and haven’t achieved all my goals I would have been further ahead if I had started sooner to build a life focused on my passions.

How to really be of service

Owning a business isn’t easy. Today, I’m somehow tired of everything I’ve built and created in terms of lead pages, click funnels, webinars, ebooks and all the other stuff that doesn’t work in terms of online marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the products I’ve created and stand behind my books, courses, and everything else I share. It’s just gotten so convoluted with too many funnels, pages, webinars, minisites, etc. Why can’t online marketing be as simple as “look, here’s what I created and this is how it’ll help you”.

Being a coach, advisor, or a consultant can sometimes leave people with the impression that I can somehow magically solve all their problems. Even if I could, the true power of learning new skills is creating independence instead of interdependence. My mission is always to work myself out of a job, and make my clients independent and able to achieve their results themselves with newly acquired knowledge and skills. It took me a few years of coaching (and even therapy) myself to figure that out. My role is a coach, or teacher, is not to run the race for you – but to give you the tools needed for you to win the race. As you work with the content included with my training programs at Liberty Training Academy, you’ll be guided to decide what works for you.

A little extra support for your business

Maybe your business (or business idea) need a little extra support to get off the ground today. But if you knew ahead of time your endeavour would be a success, would you still hesitate to do it? Maybe the knowledge of having access to a proven system would set you free from the belief you have to do it perfectly, on your own? If one man can do it, anyone can do it.

At its core essence, that’s what my business automation course is about – a very practical, not too technical approach to marketing automation. It’ll help you to run your business on auto-pilot – freeing up your time and resources to do what you love most, and allowing you to focus on those components of your business that you enjoy most.

I created this Business AutoPilot course thanks to a chronic lack of sleep (no joke). Now that it’s done, I sleep a lot better. Funny how that works.

The objective of the course is to propel your business using the power of marketing automation. I’m going to get very practical and will show you the tools I’ve used in the process of automating my business. I save a lot of time for things that I enjoy more by running the “mundane” stuff on AutoPilot.

Business AutoPilot Preview

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