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Facing Challenges and Finding Inspiration Facing Challenges and Finding Inspiration
My students at Liberty Training Academy tell me this same thing over and over again: When you’re doing something that’s of high value to... Facing Challenges and Finding Inspiration

My students at Liberty Training Academy tell me this same thing over and over again:

When you’re doing something that’s of high value to you, you’re seeking challenges that continue to inspire you.

I’ve experienced this to be true in my own life as well. At the highest experience value the positive and negative are willingly received and experienced equally. To a degree, obviously. Because I would never willingly go after an experience with a negative experience value, if I could prevent it. But if not and all things are equal, what matters most is gaining the experience.

Wouldn’t you rather experience it, than not know?

If the goal is truly important to you, you’ll do whatever it takes to get there. You’re more resilient and adaptable when you’re living life and operating at that level.

Conquering Your Mind

When inspired, you’re less polarized and opinionated. The resistance of polarization and “opinions” comes at the lower value tasks of what you’re doing. When I work on project that matters most to me, the internal and external opinions in regards to that work doesn’t really matter. I just do what I love doing because I feel like doing it.

I tell budding authors in my book writing program: if you write because you cannot NOT write, you’re already an author by my definition. So let’s get your book out there.

Overcoming Separation

Your mind is pretty creative at trying to avoid what challenges you. In my beginner Freedom Project Online course I teach the principle of RAS. Your Reticular Activating Systems finds treats in your environment, to keep your body safe. At the lack of treats, it defaults back to your predominant thoughts and tries to find opportunities and experiences to align your life what that predominant thought.

Your mind and separates. It’s designed to do that in order to keep your body safe. Following a similar mechanism, you bring up defence mechanisms to defend yourself against the bullshit of things you really don’t want to do: low value tasks. When you get to objectivity you have certainty – that’s where you’re most resilient.

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This post is based upon notes taken during a public talk by one of my dear friends, mentors and coaches: Dr John Demartini.

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