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Funding Training For Canadian Business Owners Funding Training For Canadian Business Owners
Did you know Business Owners can now be eligible for the Canada Job Training Grant? This topic may be a little different from what... Funding Training For Canadian Business Owners

Did you know Business Owners can now be eligible for the Canada Job Training Grant? This topic may be a little different from what I usually write about, but as a training provider for “freedompreneurs”, I’m excited about this news and wanted to share it directly with you. Accessing training for Canadian Business owners is now more important than ever as the world is in a time of unprecedented change now. Historically, times of uncertainty and change always bring great opportunity, if you’re willing to accept the change and work with it (not against it).

Here’s the scoop: Eligible employers have already been able to get government funding to help their current and future employees access training opportunities. This government funded program has existed for a while, but now Business Owners can be eligible for their own training as well.

The Opportunity

The Canada Job Grant is a training program where a business owner applies on behalf of their present or future employees, or themselves, for eligible training costs. If approved, you can receive up to 66% of your tuition back from the government. To see if you may qualify, the first step is to check eligibility with your province. Each province has slightly different rules which may (and probably will) change over time. In Alberta, eligible trainees now also include:

  • employed family members of eligible employers
  • business owners with 4 or fewer employees (incorporated, unincorporated/sole-proprietor and partnerships)

Why This Matters Now

Most people don’t own a business – they own a job. Running a business in today’s changing world and virtual economy is tough. How do you fit in the new technologies and keep up with the rapid changes in the business world? How do you stay laser-focused on growth? This training opportunity gives you access to every online business course we have to help you grow your venture and build a system you can sell.

Your Entrepreneur program includes access to multiple business courses. You can work on specific skills, such as social media marketing, business automation, digital marketing, growth hacking, and much more. You can view all the courses included as well as the entire curriculum for each course on my training website. Our bicycles for business program does apply as usual. When you complete your programs, you will receive a certificate of completion for each program.

Get into action

The first step to see if you could qualify for this program is to get more information and downloading our free guide on the topic using the button below. Following 5 simple steps we’ll walk you through the entire process so you can see if this is a good fit for you.

Get More Information


Please note: each individual province (except Quebec) has varying funding amounts and eligibility criteria. In the examples in this article we’ve focused on Alberta.

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