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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Create A New Vision For Your Life Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Create A New Vision For Your Life
To break free, you’ll need to create a new vision for your life. You have to get out of your comfort zone in order... Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Create A New Vision For Your Life

To break free, you’ll need to create a new vision for your life. You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to increase your comfort zone. It’s like learning how to ride a bicycle, or motorcycle. Once you learn it, getting on the bike becomes second nature. Just like skiing, you need to go faster to maintain your balance. To make your turns easier, all you have to do is pick up a little speed, and let your equipment do the hard work for you. If you do it enough, and learn to let go, it almost becomes automatic. What do you have to lose by just living your life, without the need for constant external approval? What you go through doesn’t matter, as long as you make it through.

Everything you want in life is outside your comfort zone

If our mind encounters an event that doesn’t fit one of the labels we’ve learned, the natural response is a feeling of fear. It can be something big or small, but the root feeling is the same. Fear is your minds way of keeping everything unknown out. Your mind believes that’s how it keeps you safe, and to an extent, it does. You’ll comfortably stay in your comfort, or mediocre zone, if you choose to believe the current thoughts you think and the feelings you feel. It’s like a bad relationship: it’s not bad enough to leave, but is it good enough to stick around?

You have to be willing to venture out of that comfort zone in order to achieve success and greatness in your own life. If you want something different in life, and grow beyond your current comfort zone, you can use the tricks your mind plays on you to your advantage. You can learn to welcome and embrace fear. That doesn’t mean you have to get unnecessarily uncomfortable. Outside your comfort zone doesn’t mean you have to stretch all the way to your panic zone. We’ve all been there. You can still learn from that experience too, but learning is optimized when you’re somewhere on the happy median between your comfort zone and your panic zone. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t ignore fear, but figure out what the story is behind the fear. Make a different choice if you wish. Duality is a core operating principle of our mind, but there is another level beyond what we are trained to observe. Your mind is nothing more but a big filing cabinet, which contains things that both support and not support you. Neutralize the old, non-supportive thoughts and enhance the supportive thoughts.

Goals and priorities

Setting firm, daring goals and having the right priories in place are key ingredients to make dreams become a reality. But the world isn’t flat. Once you made it all the way to the horizon, the realization of your dream, it’s not the end of the world. Most people give up long before they even reach the finish line, or stop right when they reach it. Somewhere along the way their mind talked them out of continuing the pursuit. Don’t stop, neither when you reach the finish line, nor before it. To reach your goals, keep going and always stay in motion. Those that persevere, discover more beyond the imaginary horizon we placed our goal on. Be present in each moment, ready to experience new things. Lessons are all over the place if you are willing to look for them. You’re never done learning. You’ve never made it – but the more open to learning and coaching you are, the faster you will reach your goals.

Despite of all the good intentions of modern day teachers and gurus, life doesn’t quite work that way. You’re on our own path, your own journey through life. You have to face your own demons, fight your own battles and learn from your own mistakes. In the online classes and programs I created, it’s always been my focus to be very practical, without falling into to all too common trap of prescribing anyone what to do. I enjoy sharing my experiences to the benefit of others, but what you do with the models I developed based on those is ultimately up to you.

Nobody said it would be easy, they just said that the journey would be worth it.

What next step are you going to take today?

Get out of your comfort zone today, and start on creating a new vision for your life. To help you get started, I invite you to explore my online classes at Liberty Training Academy. All my classes deliver practical advice, not just “value”.

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