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How I became a social media influencer How I became a social media influencer
Have you ever looked up your Klout score? Klout is a company that measures the social media impact someone has. I never used to... How I became a social media influencer

Have you ever looked up your Klout score? Klout is a company that measures the social media impact someone has. I never used to care much about my score, but other people did. I’ve gotten free trips, personalized welcome letters and gifts in hotels, and other cool perks – all simply because of my social media following. And that’s not meant to impress you, but it is meant to impress upon you that you should start taking your social media activity seriously.

So apparently I’m in the top 10% of social media users worldwide. The funny part is I never tried to increase my score, I wasn’t even aware those things mattered. What I cared about was sharing some of the things I’m passionate about, travel and photography, through my social media channels. The biggest secret I’ve used to build my social media presence is to frequently post content. Depending on the social media platform my updates range from several times a week to several times a day. In my brand new social media masterclass I explain exactly how to make the big social media platforms work for you. I would love for you to join and get access to my ultimate social media strategies.

Research has shown that most social media posts only get seen by a small percentage of your followers. Personally, I follow thousands of people on Twitter. So any time I visit my newsfeed, there are many new updates from each of them. The chances of me seeing an update from one person in particular are slim. Assuming I don’t spend all day watching my newsfeed (I really don’t), I would only see someone’s update if they posted it around the same time as me checking my newsfeed. Makes sense?

Some people are worried they sent too much content – and to judge whether they do, they visit their own profile page. Keep in mind hardly anyone else will see your posts there. Most of your following (unless they really, really love you and visit your profile directly), will see your updates on their newsfeed. That is, however, based on the assumption you get the timing right and post the right balance of enough, fresh content, regularly at the right time.

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