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My Coach Told Me To Forget About The Numbers My Coach Told Me To Forget About The Numbers
My coach told me today that the numbers don’t matter as much as feeling good. Forget about the bottom line and focus on feeling... My Coach Told Me To Forget About The Numbers

My coach told me today that the numbers don’t matter as much as feeling good. Forget about the bottom line and focus on feeling good, he said. Results will follow just because of your effort. 

Now, just to be clear, this was my running coach talking. While I’m not going back to the gym yet due to Covid19, I’ve been going out for a daily run lately. It started in late 2020 while I was waiting for the new Apple fitness to launch. While it’s available now, the initial launch appeared to be taking longer than it took me to gain weight. So while it wasn’t too cold out up here (yet) in the Great White North, I figured it was time to get started on a new healthy habit. 

Support along the way

As my natural style of running is probably deadly, I got myself a running coach to help with the process. I needed the support and positive messages along the way. “Not too cold” in Canada is a relative term: temperatures were right around the freezing point, but there was still snow and ice on the ground. So my coach encouraged me to take it easy, and feel good.

If running is as easy as just feeling good, instead of running yourself into exhaustion, could the same apply to the work you’re doing – your job or business? I’ve worked myself into exhaustion and burn out more than once in unfulfilling, toxic work environments, often losing sight of that “feeling good” concept.

Making a difference

Of course, the “bottomline” is important in every business and someone should keep a close eye on it. Not doing so is a recipe for disaster (aka bankruptcy). And we don’t want that. But if you (or the people on your team) are feeling terrible in the work they’re doing, why does it all matter? What difference are you making other than to your precious bottomline? 

I’ve never cared much about numbers. In my opinion there’s lies, damn lies, and statistics. A number can prove anything you want by tweaking the story behind the number. As the running coach said: Results will follow just because of your effort. If you keep running and feeling good, results will show in many different areas – including but not limited to the numbers we’re actually tracking.

Throw the numbers out

I’ve always been more interested in that story behind a number than the actual number itself. As an author myself, but even more so when working with my author clients, the idea of telling stories naturally resonates with me. Because the story is where you find out what’s actually happening. That includes the story you tell about yourself, by the way. 

Lets throw the numbers out for a while and focus on feeling good. 

Work on what matters most to you, now. Pick one thing that you have always wanted to do: write a book, turn your hobby into a business, make plans for future travel, master a new social media strategy, or fully embrace an unexplored talent.

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