No touching, no pictures

After many years of practice, learning and playing, I managed to transform one of my passions in a career.

After many years of practice, learning and playing, I managed to transform one of my passions in a career. A creative career in the arts industry to be precise: I sell photographs that I took as photographic art. Now that might sound a little pretentious, but it is quite the humbling experience. Every time someone shows their appreciation for my work with their credit card I perform a short mental happy dance. I’m surprised and amazed someone apparently considered my work good enough to hang on their walls. Thank you.

To keep my various art events as low-key as possible, and accessible for pretty much anyone, I never wanted to create any actual barriers, like they do in a museum. I want you to experience the pictures I have for display. Sense them, be close to them, even touch them if you must. I sell a lot of unique materials like bamboo, glass and metal – so part of the experience is the material itself, and being touchy feely is just human nature. Fine with me.

Sadly enough it looks like I might have to revisit that decision. If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. While I’m fine with touching, I’m not ok with the tapping, scraping, and scratching of nails, fingers, even cellphones and other foreign objects on or over my work. The material can handle such intrusion of its personal space, but I cannot. Any work of art made by any artist has a story, a history, and is something very personal – at least to the artist. Judging by the growing amount of people who brought my work into their homes and offices, I’m not alone. Art means something to people, and whatever that may be is very personal. For those who are not sensitive to that reality I’m considering putting up some “no touching the artworks” signs next time. And maybe some “no photographing the artworks” while I’m at it. And a “these photographs are for sale” as well – because in the end appreciation and support for artists is best shown with a credit card. For which in return, I thank you all. I love making art for those who appreciate it.

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