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Stop Playing Rock Paper Scissors In Service Management Stop Playing Rock Paper Scissors In Service Management
Service is a mindset, not a department. I’ve worked many years as a business process consultant and wrote the things from scratch. Walls full... Stop Playing Rock Paper Scissors In Service Management

I would like to know how the heck paper beats rock. Here, stand in front of me and I’ll throw a rock at you and you can protect yourself with a piece of paper. Not literally speaking of course. I’m not one to cast the proverbial first stone. Nor do I have a violent nature, most of the time. I convey my message using words, and pictures.

Art PrintsSo let’s take it figuratively. I threw a “rock” this week by emailing a question to a venue I was hoping to use for one of my events. And they held up a piece of paper – a form that needed to be filled out, an application process that had to be followed. My other emails indicating I didn’t want to waste anyones time by entering an entire formal application process were promptly ignored. Please educate me as I don’t understand, ran out of time and opted for another venue instead. How often does this happen? In an attempt to get a small piece of information we get tangled up in something much more complicated than we originally wanted. It’s all very bureaucratic. Forms need to be filled in, processes have to be followed. Says who? All I had was question. Paper-rock: 1-0.

Service is a mindset, not a department. We’re all put on this planet to be of service, to help each other out. It’s easy to forget that sometimes. A process has to be followed to make things run smoothly, right? Right. I’ve worked many years as a business process consultant and wrote the things from scratch. Walls full of them, at times. But I’ve always shared my opinion to use whatever elaborate process we came up with as a guideline. It’s not about documenting every possible exception. It’s about providing a standard for service that covers the most common scenarios, nothing more nothing less. The key word is always service, not process. And that is a mindset, not a department. Paper-rock: 1-1

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If papers beats rock I’m not interested in playing this game. I’d like to live simply. Most forms and processes we have to fill out are optional, one of the few exceptions being those forms issues by a government authority. Passport renewal forms and tax returns are usually not very optional. But to a lot of others I’m going to say “no”. Or if I’m in a good mood I’ll be polite and say “thank, but no, thanks”. What comes next is the same: me walking away, there’s other options out there. Paper-rock: out.

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