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Running Your Business On AutoPilot Running Your Business On AutoPilot
I created my Business AutoPilot course thanks to a chronic lack of sleep (no joke). Now that it’s done, I sleep a lot better... Running Your Business On AutoPilot

I created my Business AutoPilot course thanks to a chronic lack of sleep (no joke). Now that it’s done, I sleep a lot better – helping entrepreneurs achieve business success. Funny how that works.

As a business coach and consultant, I work with small business owners every day. I help entrepreneurs establish their personal brand – and share their story. This course will show you how to put your story marketing on AutoPilot.

Every quarter, I set my goals for my life as a creative entrepreneur. Which sometimes means I spend a weekend resetting myself. Forgetting about everything I’ve been doing – and looking at what still works, and what doesn’t. Today, I’m somehow tired of everything I’ve built and created in terms of lead pages, click funnels, webinars, ebooks and all the other stuff that doesn’t work in terms of online marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the products I’ve created and stand behind my books, courses, and everything else I share. It’s just gotten so convoluted with too many funnels, pages, webinars, minisites, etc. Why can’t online marketing be as simple as “look, here’s what I created and this is how it’ll help you”. At its core essence, that’s what this course is about – a very practical, not too technical approach to marketing automation and helping you to run your business on auto-pilot – freeing up your time and resources to do what you love most, and allowing you to focus on those components of your business that you enjoy most.

The objective of the course is to propel your business using the power of marketing automation. In this program, I’m going to get very practical and will show you the tools I’ve used in the process of automating my business. I save a lot of time for things that I enjoy more by running the “mundane” stuff on AutoPilot.

In this course we’re going to get very practical and I’ll show you some of the tools I’ve used in the process to build my platform.

  • Marketing Automation
    Craft your marketing messages to address and engage your different audience groups and bring them closer to your brand. Automate your marketing and expand your organic reach.
  • Conversion & Sales
    Reap the rewards from your marketing efforts by generating, nurturing and converting leads. Don’t just bring in paying customers, but create raving fans of your business.
  • Your Platform For Sales
    Forget about participating in somebody else’s platform. Create a unique niche and stop competing on price alone. Build your own platform and set yourself up as the number one authority in your field.
Business AutoPilot

Wilko van de Kamp Author

WILKO VAN DE KAMP is the author of #1 international best seller The Freedom Project and several other books and e-books. He's also an award-winning photographic artist, and professional world traveler. His inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. He calls the Canadian Rocky Mountains his home, and the rest of the world his office. He has been capturing our wonderful planet, and it's beautiful inhabitants, for more than half his life. Wilko has spent his life traveling the world to capture awe-inspiring images for those who wouldn't see them otherwise, and to inspire others to embark on their journey of a lifetime. Through his art, writing and appearances as a keynote speaker he enjoys sharing his colorful experiences with the world. Visit him online at