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Spending More On Marketing Techniques Than You Earn? Spending More On Marketing Techniques Than You Earn?
There’s Facebook. There’s Twitter. There’s YouTube. As creative entrepreneurs, they tell us we have to do so much: webinars, blogs, websites, social media ads,... Spending More On Marketing Techniques Than You Earn?

There’s Facebook. There’s Twitter. There’s YouTube. As creative entrepreneurs, they tell us we have to do so much: webinars, blogs, websites, social media ads, it never ends. And then there are marketing professionals out there looking for clients, folks who are eager to grow their business helping you do exactly that. Nothing wrong with that. I appreciate anyone trying to build a business and doing something meaningful with their time.

And that’s where the problem lies. None of it works. It’s not meaningful to anyone else. “Strategy calls” are just covered up sales calls. Most “webinars” contain no value at all. “Social” media isn’t all that social. And yet, as creative entrepreneurs, we’re being told every day what to do. We have to complete a laundry things of “stuff” we aren’t yet doing, and the one new addition will be the one that brings us success.

I have to ask the question: Is any of it true?

The thing is, out of all the things I “have” to do to be successful, none of the options seem to work independently to help professionals reach their business goals. You have to use some combination of these resources, and you’re still not guaranteed to reach your goals.

Wasting Time On Webinars

Let’s look at webinars, for example. I used to do them all the time. The content I teach in my online classes is based on my background and experience. I teach the models that have worked for me. Webinars would sure help me get the word out. I was hoping and wishing my webinar would get me business to where I wanted it to go. It didn’t.

Neither did blogging. If you like to blog, by all means, go for it. I love writing for my blog. If you want to be top of the list in someone’s query, go for the SEO and backlinks. Who doesn’t like to hear that clients are spreading the word about their business, good old word-of-mouth? However, if you want a simplified, easier way to get faster results for your business, this strategy alone will not do much for you either.

I can continue adding to the list of examples. Vlogging, writing books, running a podcast, advertising, you name it – none of it works. And yet I do it all. Why?

Value: Another Over-Used Word

It’s about value. Another over-used word. But the true value lies in the story you share. It lets your clients know who you are, what you can do for them and how they can take advantage of what you’re offering. You’ll take a little time to introduce yourself in a way that builds excitement among your network and begins to establish an organic connection with them. Then you’ll move on the meat of your message and reinforce that connection by letting them know how you can solve their issue. It’s my growth hacking class in a nutshell. Before wrapping up the story, share what they want to know, and then how to become your client. If you deliver value upfront, people will naturally be interested in doing business with you. Ask them for that business. Then you’ll sit back, and let them come to you.

Admitted, this is the simplified version, but ultimately: That’s it. The key to success isn’t in one component of your activities, not in one strategy, or in a one-size-fits-all approach. Even though many overpaid consultants and “gurus” who pitch me on Facebook and LinkedIn every want me to believe otherwise (and pay accordingly).

Marketing Techniques

Forget about those (and any other) marketing “techniques”. They don’t work without the right story. And the story is you. Don’t stand around with your fingers crossed, hoping a client or two gives you a referral. Get out there. Connect with people. Tell stories. Tell your story. Instead of doing a whole bunch of unnecessary work and hoping that it pans out, give your business every chance to move ahead, right now, tell your story and share you message.

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