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Stop the glorification of busy Stop the glorification of busy
A friend posted this quote to her Instagram to other day, and it was spot on with something I’ve believed in for a long... Stop the glorification of busy

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A friend posted this quote to her Instagram to other day, and it was spot on with something I’ve believed in for a long time. Stop the madness. Stop the glorification of busy. We’re all so very “busy” with all sorts of things that fill up our calendars. Meetings, phone calls, emails – they never end, it seems. And we all complain about it, but yet seem to get a real sense of importance out of our “busy-ness”. And yet we often forget what’s really important, the things that matter most. The stuff that actually adds real value, and makes a difference in our own life and that of others around us. What’s important is personal, and probably different for everyone. But you know what it is, for you. It is whatever it is that the voice in your heart tells you. You know what it is, and what isn’t.

It’s all about priorities. What do you actually want to do? Are your choices in line with your desires? What are your goals, and do you give priority to the right things to reach those goals? If something is your top priority, you’ll somehow make the time, and find the money to make your goal a reality, on whatever scale you wish to be feasible and appropriate. Think about your priorities next time you decline an invitation from a friend because you have “no time”. Nobody really has time anyway. It’s the one thing you can’t get back after you lost it. So spend your time wisely and set some priorities. Whether it’s meeting friends for a coffee, looking for a new job, going on a trip, or whatever it may be you desire: do something different. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone. Take responsibility for your life, and make your choices your own. You are capable of much more than you realize.

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