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Struggling To Find Your Purpose? You’re Not Alone Struggling To Find Your Purpose? You’re Not Alone
Are you struggling to find your purpose? You’re not alone. Now more than ever, we’re looking for meaning and connection. To helps us do... Struggling To Find Your Purpose? You’re Not Alone

Are you struggling to find your purpose? You’re not alone. Now more than ever, we’re looking for meaning and connection. To helps us do that, there’s no shortage of life coaches and “manifestation specialists”. They post glamorous updates on social media offering their services to help you get back on track. I’ve subscribed to my share of them to figure out what matters. I left most events and trainings I attended feeling inspired and motivated, but also with that insatiable question… “now what?”… By the time the newfound motivation is replaced with the daily reality of life, it’s not so clear anymore what to do next.

Finding Clarity

Back in the day the Catholic Church would have sermons only in Latin because, they reasoned, the general population couldn’t understand the divine message anyway. So instead of explaining it, they kept it that way by preaching in a language most priests didn’t even fully comprehend. Did that keep people away? No. The general population believed hearing the words and being close to it would bring some benefit. Most of them even gave their money to the church, even if they couldn’t afford it.

If you closely observe the many teaching on the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and other new age philosophies, you may come to a similar conclusion. Like the Latin teachings, there may be a source of truth in there somewhere, but everything is kept just about mystical enough to keep you coming back for more.

Modern Day Gurus

The gurus and teachers don’t mind this repeat cycle. They’re happy to “be of service” and sign you up for another class, or event for as long as your credit card limit allows for it. Some will even tell you that “maxing out all their cards” was the best thing they ever did. It’s like the kitchen appliance salesman telling you he has this exact top-dollar setup at home. Even if that were true, he likely got his gold plated washer/dryer-combo at an employee discount – you didn’t.

With upbeat music and some form of hypnotic selling from stage the gurus manage to get their crowd in a better frame of mind. But the modern day gurus only tell us part of the message. The message is just about mystical enough to never get to the real truth. Meanwhile, they promise to “help” to figure out your purpose, life goals, and many more things. But that’s where it ends. While they have their pockets filled (which is fine), I left many of those events still wondering “now what” (which is not fine).

The Buck Stops Here

With all my clients my mission has been to work myself out of a job. When I was no longer needed, and the things we worked on became self-sustaining, we could move on to bigger and better things. Both me, as a coach, trainer, or consultant, as well as my clients, whether corporations, small business owners, or “wantrepreneurs” who were looking to set up their venture and do something different. Most coaching revolves around setting goals like placing birthday candles on a cake and then blowing them out. Congratulations, you just made a wish. Now what’s next?

We’ve made the words goal and purpose so big in our minds that we’re afraid to get it wrong. But you can’t. A purpose can be big or small. Last a lifetime or a few hours. As long as you keep going. Goals don’t always need to be big and scary. Most of them should be realistic. You have to believe that with some effort, you can do it. Because you can.

My Purpose Today

Is it your time to start getting what you really want? Your life is a unique, never to be repeated event. Breaking free will allow you to discover your true passion and potential, and create the kind of life you really want. What do you really want to do? Replace the negative self-talk with healthy affirmations. I love myself. I take care of myself. I believe in me!

Here’s a suggestion:

My purpose today is to honour and love myself, take care of myself and honour my preferences, even it the smallest form.

No matter what you pick, be less passive about what’s important to you. Forget about nice positive inspiring quotes from others. Look inside.That’s where the real answers are. The real purpose is you. Give yourself a shot at feeling good, refreshed and excited about adding something new. In this world of opinions and distractions – is it time to start focusing on what actually matters, to you?

Get Into Action

If you’d like to explore working with me and get laser-focused by joining a private environment focused on your goals, have a look here and click the “Free Preview” button to take a peek inside my Break Free Xperience. This new program is my ultimate online masterclass for Breaking Free and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced with me before, and this time you won’t finish the program wondering “what’s next”. You’ll know.

Break Free Xperience


“Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

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