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The Root Cause Of All Evil In Service Management (And Poor Customer Service) The Root Cause Of All Evil In Service Management (And Poor Customer Service)
To my surprise, one of my highest rated and most popular online courses is still the first one I ever created: IT Service Management... The Root Cause Of All Evil In Service Management (And Poor Customer Service)

To my surprise, one of my highest rated and most popular online courses is still the first one I ever created: IT Service Management Foundations. Maybe not as sexy as a topic like writing a book, building your online imperium or enjoying luxury travel experiences – but popular nonetheless. And something I can still get very passionate about from time to time as I have absolutely zero tolerance for poor customer service.

Here’s the root cause of all evil (and poor service): Most organizations try to overcomplicate or over-design their processes and technology implementation projects. Trying to get it right the first time. Attempting to make things perfect from the start. In doing so those organizations might be aiming too high, thus setting themselves up for failure. With a gradual approach, taking small steps at a time based on quick wins that make people happy you can build the processes and toolset implementation on the solid foundation of acceptance in the organization.

Focus on Quick Wins in Service Management

Now – what is a quick win? When trying to find and implement quick wins, are we trying to be the first guy over the finish line? Or is it more trying to become the team with the most fans?  The definition from the ITSM handbook defines a quick win as “an improvement activity that is expected to provide a return on investment in a short period of time with relatively small cost and effort”.

An alternate definition from the same book: “Opportunities for improvement that are relatively easy and inexpensive to implement while providing substantial benefits in terms of process effectiveness, cost reduction or staff synergy”. This sounds a lot like common sense.

Aren’t we already doing this? Everybody at least attempts to make improvements with the objective of getting some sort of return on investment. The golden nugget really is in the short period of time as well as the relatively small cost and effort that’s associated with quick wins.

I cannot emphasize enough how you will have to fully embrace these two key points to successfully get the notion of quick wins. The focus should not be on the big groundbreaking improvement project that we’re all trying to accomplish, but on breaking that big project down into the small, manageable, bit size pieces of work – ready to be executed and implemented in the next couple of days or weeks – at most. The objective is to set yourself up for success, and to bring immediate value to your customers, clients and end users.

Get Into Action

Long story short – the objective is to get into action right away. Try something new. See what works, and what doesn’t. The issue is most people (and companies) wait too long to make a change. To help you get started, I’d love to offer you a complimentary preview pass to one of my courses today, including my most popular business courses as well as my 3 flagship programs: Write a Book in a Week, the Travel Revolution and my new Break Free Xperience. Which one will you pick?

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And if Service Management is your cup of tea (or coffee) – I welcome you to discover my best practice approach that fuelled many IT Service Management implementations for small and large business clients all around the world. My course gives you the theory behind industry standard service management processes. I’ll also equip you with a practical context to apply these skills in your career. You’ll be able to implement and improve service management processes!

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