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My Boss Told Me It’s A Time And Money Thing My Boss Told Me It’s A Time And Money Thing
"It’s a time and money thing." What a great excuse to not have to do something, and blame it on something outside of your... My Boss Told Me It’s A Time And Money Thing

“It’s a time and money thing.” What a great excuse to not have to do something, and blame it on something outside of your control. It’s like a parking officer saying “I’m just doing my job”. While it’s true, it provides very little consolation for the fact you just got ticketed.

Another popular one: “My boss told me to …”. It reduces you to a messenger, and we all know to never shoot the messenger. So we don’t. But what happened to responsibility, standing behind the work you’re doing, believing in something? If you truly disagree with what your boss told you your job is, you always have the option to say something about it, or ultimately quit and look for another job. Something you believe in. It makes you stand out, instead of hiding behind your boss who told you so. It takes a bit of character to not hide behind all those easy excuses like your boss, time and money.

Art PrintsTime and money are both completely irrelevant, anyway. Every single human being is busy doing something at any given point in time, and we all have a limited amount of time to spend on this planet. Some, unfortunately, have less than others. The same could be said about money. Whether you have one dollar or one million dollars to spend, you have a limited amount of cash to spend in your limited time on earth. If you have more of the green stuff you might spend on a bigger scale and buy more expensive versions of the same things. That means you’re actually spending the same as everybody else, just on a different scale. For example: when I buy a house, my budget is set to something that’s about 4-6 times what I make annually. It doesn’t matter whether I make 30.000, 100.000 or a million every year – that just changes the scale of my budget. At the end of the day I’m still buying a house – whether I’m limited by time or money like everybody else has very little to do with it.

So there’s no such thing as time (and/or money). It’s all about priority. What do you actually want to do? Are your choices in line with your desires? What are your goals, and do you give priority to the right things to reach those goals? If something is your top priority, you’ll somehow make the time, and find the money to make your goal a reality, on whatever scale you wish to be feasible and appropriate. Think about your priorities next time you decline an invitation from a friend because you have “no time”. Nobody really has time anyway. It’s the one thing you can’t get back after you lost it. So spend your time wisely and set some priorities instead. Whether it’s meeting friends for a coffee, looking for a new job, going on a trip, or whatever it may be you desire.

Curious to read more? Check out my Happiness book here. Disclaimer: This is a book about happiness at work. Whether you have a job (employees) or own a job (entrepreneurs), for most people work does not equate to happiness. That’s why this book is an unusual book about work. And that’s why you’ll want a copy of it – because in the end, everybody wants happiness.

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