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Videos: the needle in a haystack Videos: the needle in a haystack
I love videos. And I love reading. So much that I regularly upload some to YouTube and Vimeo. Videos: the needle in a haystack

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I love videos. And I love reading. So much that I regularly upload some to YouTube and Vimeo. And the reading I do inspired me to write a book of my own. Go have a look and let me know what you prefer – moving images, still images or text.

To me, they all serve a different purpose. The information I share in my book would probably not work well in a video. If I ever sell the movie rights we’d have to adjust the content for the new format. Then again, short videos are great to share some highlights from the book – and we did that. Still images can be used to make things pretty – like book covers or your walls. I’ve done that, too.

When I was looking for a piece of information the other day I was forced to watch a 15 minute video. It contained a lot of fluff, and all I needed was the golden nugget of information that was buried somewhere in the haystack. My speed reading skills don’t seem to apply to watching videos, and I was forced to waste 14 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

They all serve a purpose, and they have to know their place. For me, videos and images need to supplement, or illustrate. If have to rely solely on a video to get a small piece information I think I’d rather apply my rule of selective ignorance and pass on the “opportunity”.

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