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What are you going to fight for this year? What are you going to fight for this year?
No offence, but there is a bunch of mental "sissies" on this planet who accept everything as it is. Struggling financially and not having... What are you going to fight for this year?

No offence, but there is a bunch of mental “sissies” on this planet who accept everything as it is. Struggling financially and not having time with your kids, family and loved ones is not how it has to be. Yes, a an “independent”, my schedule is different than most employees – but the journey has been worth it. It’s way better than you ever would have been able to describe to me when I first started out.

As you can read in my Happiness book, it’s going to be hard. But the good news is, that as soon as you accept it’s going to be hard instead of fight against it, it’ll get easier. The secret lies in getting started, being consistent with what you’re doing and continuing to build and work towards your goals.

Most regular employees don’t have much of a plan. Their plan is to show up to work from 8-5, maybe have a few weeks vacation every year and that’s all there is to it. When you want to build something (anything) for yourself it’s different: you need to be a man (or woman) with a plan. My Happiness book shares that journey and gives you lots of tools to start building your plan.

How many people end up debt free in that 8-5 employee model? Not very many. How many people end up debt free in a different model? Again, it’s not going to be easy to build passive income to create more time to spend with kids or family. But if I have to ask some other human being if I can please spend some time with my family or do something I really want, it makes me sick to my stomach. For a few years I did, but I never begged for time off. My vacation request never has been a request, more an FYI. If the ‘request’ was declined it would be promptly followed by my resignation letter. Travel (that’s what my other book is about) always has been a higher priority for me than working – and luckily it never had to get to that point.

My recommendation is to get clear with your intentions for the new year before the current one is over: know what you want to accomplish. For me, having control of time is a big thing. Are you willing to fight for that goal? It’s not going to be a 15 year fight, as a matter of fact it doesn’t even have to take that long to get there. However there will be a period where you have to work hard to earn the freedom of time. You might already have some flexibility of time (as some entrepereneurs do), but you don’t have total freedom of time as long as your bank account still controls your time to some degree.

Decide now on what you want to do in 2022. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to go do with your family? Is it travel, spending more time together?

If I have peaked any interest in this article, please consider getting yourself (or someone else) a copy of my Happiness book. It’s available on Amazon, as well as Amazon Canada and through finer book retailers worldwide.

“I absolutely love this book. It’s rare to find such honest advice in such an easily readable and accessible format. This book, which is full of wisdom on what really matters to be truly happy is destined to become a classic.” — Jack Canfield, coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™

Real-Book-01_LRWilko van de Kamp: “Too often, I used travel as an escape from a life I didn’t even like in the first place. When travelling, I felt less confined by time, money or location. I could do whatever I wanted, I could spend some extra cash I had saved up, and go wherever I wanted to go. Yet after coming home my stress levels quickly spiked back to where they were before I had left. Instead of tacky souvenirs, I wanted to take that experience of freedom home with me. I became passionate about implementing my traveling lifestyle right at home, reconnect with my passions and live a meaningful life.”

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