What Is Inspiration And Where Do You Find It

Authors in my book writing programs always ask me – where do you find inspiration? In this post I’ll share my thoughts. First of all, my own inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. I fell in love with the exceptional things I saw and the remarkable people who crossed my path. At first, I used photographic art to give my travel memories back to the world. I still use my images as a source of inspiration, but one thing led to another. This is why today I enjoy doing many different things. To name a few: I run my travel magazine, write books, and have several online classes as part of my online training business.

People looking for inspiration associate themselves with successful people. They look up to others for guidance on how to “be” inspired. People tend to look up to somebody who has reached the top. They wonder how it is to be exactly like their idol. They set out on a course following their example, mimicking their every move. That’s not how it works. In comparing yourself, you put them on a pedestal. You think of yourself as less than them. The result is simple – you can kiss the sought after inspiration goodbye.

Successful people have big goals, and even bigger ambitions. If your goals don’t scare you a little they’re not big enough. Dreaming big dreams will keep your inspiration alive, even when times get tough. The key is to make sure they’re your dreams, nobody else’s. The successful rich and famous don’t care. They’re happy to provide inspiration to their fellow human beings. That’s the true beauty of social media. It’s not to compare, but to inspire. The exciting things I share are not meant to impress you. They’re meant to impress upon you that if I can do it, anyone can. So can you. In living your dream, you too can provide inspiration to those around you. It’s your moral imperative to do exactly that.

The Gratitude Trap

So, how do people get inspired? Pop psychology seems to ban negative thinking. We’re afraid the Law of Attraction will punish us by sending more negative things our way. We get stuck in what I call the “gratitude trap”. We’re forcing ourselves to be happy and grateful for everything, including the bad. Sorry, but some things just suck. They’re terrible. I won’t be grateful for them, period. Then again, every cloud has a silver lining. The feeling of frustration is ok to know what you don’t want. It forces you to seek inspiration elsewhere. Shift your focus and go after something better. The unpleasant circumstances help create contrast to get more clarity on your goals. If they’re strong enough, you’ll even find inspiration there. The path may not at all be a pleasant, go-lucky experience. Nobody said the road to greater achievement is always a smooth one.

Your Mediocre Zone

It’s time to quit the mediocre club and go after what you truly want. (The Freedom Project)

Most families are about two weeks away from living in poverty. Working long hours, they earn enough to make the family survive. It’s better than many others in this world who live their life below the poverty line. But at the same time you may feel helpless. There’s not much you can do to help others, or give back. Getting by from paycheque to paycheque isn’t enough anymore. It’s time to quit the mediocre club and go after what you truly want. My Happiness book contains an entire section on setting goals and going after them. The feeling of financial frustration is often masked as a comfort zone. In my Millionaire Mindset class I help you get rid of those limiting financial beliefs. The class inspired many to aspire for a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Negative emotions are a strong motivator to do something positive. You have to use the energy for the right purpose. Every cloud has a silver lining. It allows you to impact the world, starting with your immediate surroundings. What good could you do to improve your financial stability?


Love is a strong motivator. Love provides the spark and nurtures many dreams. It helps us to aspire for the best that life has to offer – for you and your loved ones.

Many sources of inspiration can help you in achieving success in life. Comparing yourself to others isn’t one of them. Finding your own truth and following it, will bring you the inspiration you need. If you’re looking for some options, I’d love to help. Consider joining my Millionaire Mindset program today. Start by watching the trailer below. If it resonates with you, I’d be happy to have you join today. The important thing is to find your true source of inspiration and to focus on achieving your goals.

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