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What To Do When You’re Tired Of The Internet: Clicks, Funnels, Leads, Pages And All The Other Stuff That Does Not Work What To Do When You’re Tired Of The Internet: Clicks, Funnels, Leads, Pages And All The Other Stuff That Does Not Work
Every quarter, I set my goals for my life as a creative entrepreneur. Which sometimes means I spend a weekend resetting myself. Forgetting about... What To Do When You’re Tired Of The Internet: Clicks, Funnels, Leads, Pages And All The Other Stuff That Does Not Work

Every quarter, I set my goals for my life as a creative entrepreneur. Which sometimes means I spend a weekend resetting myself. Forgetting about everything I’ve been doing – and looking at what still works, and what doesn’t. Today, I’m somehow tired of everything I’ve built and created in terms of lead pages, click funnels, webinars, ebooks and all the other stuff that doesn’t work in terms of online marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the products I’ve created and stand behind my books, courses, and everything else I share. It’s just gotten so convoluted with too many funnels, pages, webinars, minisites, etc. Why can’t online marketing be as simple as “look, here’s what I created and this is how it’ll help you”.

Before I continue on my rant, let me clarify a few things. I still don’t believe in “if you build it, they’ll show up” – in which “you” is the entrepreneur, and “they” is the paying customers. You have to be willing to do the work required to build your dream. I don’t care for leads or endless amounts of people on my mailing list. I care about qualified leads that are potentially interested in working with me. Getting leads and people to opt in for the next freebie you’ll put out there is easy. Getting qualified people to buy your products or service is not necessarily. Why not?

People are Inundated

Well, the world has changed. People are inundated with marketing messages everywhere they go. In my book writing program I share we get hit with several thousands of marketing messages every day. I’ve created that course a few years ago now, so the number likely has gone up since. Today, I can’t open my Facebook feed without getting targeted by a never ending list of marketers who claim they have the-next-best-thing in online marketing. The definition is often different, but they all promise a 6 or 7 figure return on investment. Sorry to be blunt, but unless you give me a specific number, “6-or-7-figures” means you’ve done zero. Without exception, I call bullsh*t.

So what’s happened? Look at my social media feed and the ads I’m targeted with, and it’s obvious the collective approach is to “trick” customers in giving us their email address in exchange for something free, then making a small purchase, after which you’ll be asked to make a larger purchase. When’s the last time you signed up for a “free” event or webinar, only to be prompted next with a video messages asking you to “upgrade” to VIP seating at said event for “only” 97 dollars. Once you do that, and attend the event, you likely will be arm wrestled into making another purchase onsite for anywhere between $997 and $29,997. It’s happening all over. When I attended a recent Tony Robbins event, the line-up of morning speakers employed this strategy for hours on end. So trust me, I’ve been there and still love Tony (but didn’t buy any of the T-shirts from his “friends”). Sorry.

Reflecting on the Beach

For this reason I stopped doing webinars. I love teaching and sharing value and my webinars and online courses have always been built on that cornerstone. I stand behind my content. But 99% of the webinars out there are nothing more but sales presentations. Same goes for “strategy calls”. And by now, people know. The secret is out and the online marketing “schemes” online gurus target me (and you) with don’t work anymore – unless you have deep pockets and looking to get rid of some cash quickly.

A couple months ago I was on my annual vacation to the Bahamas. On the beach, I was reflecting on the work that I had been doing the previous months. I realized that as creative entrepreneurs we have to do so many things. To be successful, people tell us we have to do a laundry list of activities. For example, we have to host webinars, maintain a blog, a website, and of course a social media presence. All these things we have to do, because if we don’t do them we are not going to be successful. People tell us we’re not going to make it.

Focus on Results

But what are the results that you’re seeing from all those activities that you must do? None of it works. Webinars don’t work. None of these must-do things actually work. Anyone telling you otherwise is probably trying to sell you to webinar software. Or they’re an affiliate of the person who sells the webinar software. Or, they are some modern day guru who is teaching you a system that worked for them, back in the day.

Times have changed. What worked for somebody else will not work for you. In the end, it’s about uncovering your own story. Once you uncover your story you found your angle. And once you have your angle, all you have to do is now share your message. No tricks required.

Next Steps

Long story short. If you think that anything I’ve created can be of benefit to you I’d love to work with you. Here’s one of my courses to get you started:

Also, following my thinking above I’ve gotten rid of most of my funnels and leadpages. I don’t want your email address. I want you to succeed in the goals you’ve set for yourself. What I’ve created is not for everyone. But you’re welcome to have a look at some of my most popular online classes and programs, peek around inside the program, and (if you agree this could benefit you), sign up to work with me. I look forward to it.


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