Why apparent failure in business can be a good thing: turning roadblocks into stepping stones

Ever had some issues trying to accomplish something you really wanted to do? We all have. For anything new to manifest in your life the old behaviors and patterns first have to fall away, which could make for a bit of turbulence along the way. That’s a natural process, and there will be a variety of those roadblocks along the way.

With persistence you will have the ability to overcome all of those roadblocks. Water doesn’t cut its way through a rock by sheer force, but by persistence over a long period of time. Never give up, keep moving towards your passions and goals, dealing with each roadblock that challenges you as it comes your way. By working over and around those roadblocks you turn them into stepping-stones on your path to success.

FreedomProject-3D-LRRoadblocks can be a way to test out if what you’re trying to accomplish is really what you want. When I started out into fine art photography full time, my business didn’t take off right away. At first I was angry because of that. Later I realized that my initial lack of success was a roadblock forcing me to look elsewhere, which eventually prompted me to write my first book. Had that roadblock not been there I might not have been a number one bestselling author today. Now I’m excited to live a life as a hybrid between the two, often combining my photography and writing through travel and sharing stories and images I find on the way.

TFPH-book-coverRoadblocks can be an opportunity that will lead to even greater things for you, without the need to completely give up on your goals or passions. Roadblocks can also be a form of feedback. Not getting enough sales in your business might be valuable feedback about a number of things. There might be no or not enough interest in the product or service you’re offering, and you’ll have to change your offering. You might have to change your marketing strategy, or sales techniques to get in front of the right people and sell to them in the right way. You might also have to adjust your price point lower or higher to appeal to the right target audience, and position yourself correctly as an expert in your field. My second book in The Freedom Project series talks all about that – and shares my journey from dead-end career to fulfilling life. Get your copy today at Amazon!

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