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Why everything is always about business Why everything is always about business
One of my old friends once told me, in a heated argument, “with you everything is always about business”. I was caught off guard,... Why everything is always about business

One of my old friends once told me, in a heated argument, “with you everything is always about business”. I was caught off guard, and didn’t have a response at all at the time. I do now, I think. It’s simple. She was right: with me everything is always about business.

The problem with doing what you love is that it becomes an integral part of life. The work versus life separation isn’t as clear, if it exists at all. With a strict work-life balance in place, it’s much easier to do something you absolutely hate. When you dislike your job, the line between work and life is typically very clear, overcompensating on the other end of the spectrum to make up for what you miss. That model is not sustainable. The dissatisfaction with work eventually will spill over into the personal side of things.

Doing what you love means you could do it all the time, and my work is always present somewhere in the back of my mind. Everywhere I go, I’m consciously or subconsciously collecting stories for an upcoming book or article I’m writing. Even when I don’t have my camera with me, which doesn’t happen very often, I still see unique photo opportunities. It’s the way my mind operates.

Loving my job and being passionate about the work I do, means I sometimes lose sight of the other areas of life, which are equally important. But it’s not just the popular duo of work versus life. Happiness is a delicate balance between all areas of life, all of them being equally fulfilling and contributing to your overall happiness.

My work is just part of my passion that shows in all areas of life, no matter what I do. If that idea turns you off, you’re probably in the wrong line of work and not doing work that’s in alignment with your passions.

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