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Everything Popular Is Wrong: Why Facebook Ads Don’t Work Everything Popular Is Wrong: Why Facebook Ads Don’t Work
A Facebook ad just told me Facebook ads suck. That’s right. Someone is trying to tell me ads don’t work using an ad. Hypocrisy... Everything Popular Is Wrong: Why Facebook Ads Don’t Work

A Facebook ad just told me Facebook ads suck. That’s right. Someone is trying to tell me ads don’t work using an ad. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. What’s wrong with the f*ing world? Pardon my language. I can get quite passionate about “social” media. Also, this is not my first kick at the social advertisement can. I’ve been around this space for a while. And can’t help but notice that things have gotten progressively worse since my last post.

The other day someone added me as a “friend”. I didn’t know him. But, according to Facebook, we knew some mutual people, so I accepted the request. It took the guy a wholesome three minutes from there to add me to his sales group for a LinkedIn promotion. Don’t pitch me, bro. I don’t appreciate it. Networking is not about forcing your stuff down my newsfeed. It’s about making meaningful connections. You’re already not meaningful to me anymore. Bye bye, new wanna-be “friend”.

LinkedIn is becoming Facebook and Facebook is becoming LinkedIn. On Facebook I’m getting spammed with ads to help me “grow” my business. On LinkedIn my professional connections are sharing pictures from their latest vacation. It’s the world upside down. I’m so tired of the social media bullshit. There’s nothing social about it. And advertisements make things worse. On Facebook I’m lucky if I see one post from a friend for every ad they force down my newsfeed. But those friends are more so acquaintances. Lately even those don’t make the cut anymore. My newsfeed is predominantly filled with groups, created and led by people trying to get you to buy their advertising schemes for either Facebook, or, you guessed it, LinkedIn. Even LinkedIn is resorting to Facebook advertising to promote their own advertising platform. Enough of this.

I’m done with the traditional take on social media and everyone’s blind belief in annoying ads and boosting posts. Oscar Wilde said, “Everything popular is wrong”. With every other creative entrepreneur resorting to advertising to promote their business, it’s time to look the other way. It seems that for every post from a friend in my timeline there’s at least another ad surrounding it. Unless you like donating money to Mark Zucky (instead of yourself) it’s time to do something different.

But what about everyone that tells you ads do work? Are they wrong? Not necessarily. But I dare you to look a little beyond their initial message. The other day I attended a conference, and while I won’t name any names – one of the presenters really believed into ads. He shared his story, and it turned out he represents a business that nets somewhere north of 20 million in annual sales. Nicely done. Their advertising budget was, according to the presentation, 6 million. This was the most extravagant example, but the same story is presented in the same broken format time and time again. The scale the presenter is operating on just doesn’t match that of the listening audience. I have no trouble believing there’s value to multi-million-dollar ad campaigns, but whether $5 a day will get you any results worth mentioning is a whole different story. For most creative entrepreneurs, their daily budget to spend on marketing doesn’t exceed $100. I’ve tried different price points within that range, and wrote about my experience here. The short summary: it didn’t work. My return on investment was a negative 100%. Not good.

It’s time to structurally improve your online presence and turn your personal brand into a legend. Everyone has a personal brand – and it can work for you if you take care of it and nurture it, or against you if you don’t. With a clear(er) understanding of what motivates you as a creative entrepreneur, you’ll learn to use your angle in your favour. If you use that angle to connect with people’s true interest, ads all of a sudden become optional instead of mandatory. No longer do I have to force my message onto people’s timeline, they’ll want to see it there. This organic growth takes time to build, and (I hate to break it to you) overnight results don’t exist. Unless you have 6 million to spend on an ad campaign, and my guess is you don’t.

Curious about my take on organic social media growth? Here’s a link to todays free preview from my growth hacking class for creative entrepreneurs like you! Please feel free to share, watch, and enjoy.  If you have had enough of not seeing any real results from your social media activity and are ready to do something different, have a look here at my growth hacking course. It’s time for you to join!

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