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Why I love doing a 1000 projects at a time Why I love doing a 1000 projects at a time
Am I scattered? Someone literally asked me that question the other day. I do get bored easily, so I enjoy many different things -... Why I love doing a 1000 projects at a time

I get bored easily. I enjoy doing many different things at the same time. That’s probably why the title of CEO (Chief Everything Officer) suits me well. I’m just a Dutch guy, relocated to Canada and now living a creative life around the world. I’m also a travel hacker. Bestselling author. Award winning fine art photographer. Coffee addict.

Am I scattered? Someone literally asked me that question the other day. Just my blog alone talks about a variety of different topics I’m passionate about. My teaching and consulting business has such a variety of online courses available that for some it might appear confusing. Maybe it is. I’m not saying focus isn’t a good thing. But whoever watches a little closer will see that most of what I do is centred around only a few central themes, most of which boil down to some combination of freedom and travel.

In anything you do, try to be of service to others and leave every situation better as you found it. If you can show the benefit for others in what you have to offer, people will be able to apply what you’re saying to their own life and see what problems you can solve for them. Often we do much more for others than we do for ourselves, forgetting to take care of ourselves completely along the way. While selflessness seems to be the right thing to do, if you’re not taking care of yourself in the end you will also decrease your ability to take care of others. In the process of being of service to others it’s very important to take care of yourself as well. If you take care of yourself, the statement “nobody cares about me” holds no longer true, because all of a sudden you take care of you.

My fine art photography is my invitation for you to go see the world. My travel book gives you the secrets of the travel hacking principles I’ve developed and used to do just that: see the world myself. And my online courses help you attain freedom by giving you the practical guidance and tools you need to take your life to the next level – and enjoy complete freedom in terms of money, time and location.

In the end, that’s what I’m all about: living the dream, one at a time. And I’d love for you to join me.

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Hi, I’m Wilko van de Kamp, creator of Liberty Training Academy and author of the Freedom Project book series. For more than 15 years, I have helped people and their companies achieve their own results beyond their goals. I work with authors, coaches and experts to build their brand to become a #1 industry influencer and increase their impact on the communities they serve. We focus on every aspect of personal brand building through technology and storytelling, with a relentless focus on accelerating the achievement of their personal, professional and financial goals. And I would love to do the same for you! To get a conversation started, please text me directly at 587-417-2697.