The New Networking And The Type Of Recruiters To Avoid

With feelings of depression and people feeling miserable at work on the rise, we’re heading back to an arts based society where people create and share what they love to the benefit of others. The old idea of networking isn’t on board with an artist centric economy yet. More and more people find ways to share something they created from their passion. Instead of buying from large corporations, we’re dealing with individual creators.

A Global Artisan Economy

Thanks to the power of the Internet these artisans now have the power to operate on a global scale. For the first time they stand a chance to make a living on their own competing with large corporations instead of participating as part of them. It’s why I love doing the coaching and teaching work I do, even though I have trouble coming up with an exact job title for what I do.

While our society is shifting, our way of networking is not yet following suit. I still receive blanket emails from recruiters who use the shotgun approach to finding candidates for their roles. Most of them are fishing from the same pond, and often I receive several emails from different recruiters for the same job opening. No one is attempting to even address me by my name in that email, they just copy and paste the same job description over and over again, hoping someone is desperate enough for a paycheque to respond. I guess for some the model still works, for now, but not for me. I’m never opposed to exploring new opportunities, but if the start of that opportunity is a recruiter or recruiting firm that fails to give personal attention to their candidates, I’d rather take my business elsewhere.

Eventually this type of recruiting is going to die a quiet death. With the artisan community, more and more people are pursuing their passions in building a creative income. While that may, or should, start as a side-hustle – overtime it might actually replace and exceed your original paycheque. The need for recruiters in this market is simply non-existent. Unless the side-business grows to a point where the newborn entrepreneur needs to do some recruiting him/herself. But when that happens, would you go back to the recruiters that never responded to your emails and applications earlier in your career?

A Two-Way Relationship

Networking can no longer be about what I can do for you as a one-way recipient. Networking is about forming a two-way relationship, a give and take. Many businesses fail and continue to fail because they’re treating the relationship with not just their customers, but even their employees as a one-way model. Cutting people a paycheque is not enough to classify as a two-way street. It has to be about alignment of goals where everybody gets something out of the deal. When that balance is out, either one of the parties suffers.

With most fulltime employees being relatively replaceable, it’s indeed often those employees who suffer the most. As a result they feel unfulfilled at work, and check out either emotionally and underperform, or physically to go do something different. Until the professional world catches on with the new networking, things will be out of sync for a while.

Change The Way You Do Business

On a small scale, you can start to change the way you network. Think about what you do and offer as a way of being of service: how can you help as many people as possible and be of value to your network? Conversely, when you’re looking to hire someone or buy something, consider your own direct network first. Chances are someone is making some product, or offering their expertise that can be of immediate value to you. The new networking isn’t just about the traditional exchange of give and take, but changes the perspective to support. Networking is about being supportive whilst being supported.

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