The price is right vs the real value of money

We don’t buy products solely on the fact the price is low enough. Even when I go to the dollar store or an outlet mall I don’t buy everything I see because the price is low, I buy the things that have value to me. Anything I buy simply because I think it’s too cheap to leave it in the store, I end up regretting later since the real value wasn’t there. If you’re trying to sell something, forget about the price tag initially. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling your time at your next job interview or annual review, or selling your companies products and services. Instead of focusing on the dollars, ask yourself what the value is. What’s the real value of your time spend at your company? Instead of negotiating an hourly rate, break that time barrier and look at the value you bring in terms of skills, expertise, and ultimately, results. What can you accomplish in the amount of time you spend at your employers company? Use results and experience to demonstrate and establish the value. Once anyone sees the value for him or her of what you’re trying to sell, the dollar amount becomes irrelevant.

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