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The Road To Financial Freedom The Road To Financial Freedom
The road to financial freedom is a lot shorter than you may think. If you’re like me and didn’t not start your life wealthy... The Road To Financial Freedom

The road to financial freedom is a lot shorter than you may think. If you’re like me and didn’t not start your life wealthy because of your family, you have just under 50 income producing years. Maybe a bit more if you want to work into your “retirement” years. I don’t necessarily believe in the traditional concept of retirement anymore, but for now let’s assume you will want to retire at some point.

During those years, there’s a lot to do. We must complete our education, get a job or open a business, all whilst meeting the many demands on the income we have left after taxes. Using whatever money is left, we have to provide for food and shelter, clothes and transportation, family / child expenses, college tuition, vacations, Christmas presents, insurance premiums and more. The list never seems to end.

Learn From The Rich And Famous, So To Speak

How is it that some people can retire at age 30, while others never retire at all. In a previous life, I was a licensed financial advisor. Using smart financial products, I showed others the money management principles of the wealthy – the rich and famous, so to speak. If you watch my private money management video, you can see for yourself what I mean.

Especially when you start young, many of us have more than enough time to become a (multi-)millionaire sooner or later. However, especially when you’re young and building a life on your own, there seems to be a never ending list of demands on your paycheque. You might have just married and need a home, a decent set of wheels and some nice furnishings. You’re just starting out on your journey through life and are nowhere near your peak earning potential. You might have to buy your first suits or business dresses for your new job. And of course you want to enjoy life, so you rack up debt on “happiness” vacations, replace your new car frequently with the latest model. All while running up debt on top of your student loan.

A Lifestyle Choice

Most people complain they have no money left at the end of the month and that they live from paycheque to paycheque. They use debt to fill the house (or garage) with things. That’s a lifestyle choice. Other people manage their money. They pay cash for their new TV’s, and use debt wisely without a financial plan. It’s not just about living within your means and saving as much as possible, but more so about taking advantage of all the money management tactics that are available. A basic example are the tax shelters, tax credits, and other “tricks” the government has created which will help you save more money, faster.

Successful people leverage money to gain them even larger returns. In short, their money works for them, instead of the other way around. They invest in or start a part time business, rental properties or learn to increase their returns by smart investing. They have adequate insurance against potential financial disaster that could ruin them financially.

There are many stories of “normal” people managing to build substantial wealth, leaving millions to their favourite charity. These “normal” people are just like you and I, but they are special in the sense that they had set their financial goals and stuck to those goals no matter what. Moreover, they learned early on to use a money management system to help them manage their funds. They worked hard, saved their money and achieved what they wanted to achieve.

You Can Keep Your Latte

It doesn’t take much to get you well down the road to financial freedom. I’m not talking about skipping your daily double latte at Starbucks. Those few dollars a day definitely will help you over time, but the right money mindset will help you get there even faster. Everyone can do this. Anyone who has ever accomplished anything will tell you the road to financial freedom is all about mindset – and it’s yours for the taking.

I’ve been lucky to have worked and studied with some of the world’s greatest teachers, including Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. John Demartini, Harv Eker, and many others. In my Millionaire Mindset course, I share my interpretation on what I’ve learned myself. It’s time to take control of your financial life, to free up your time and resources to do those things you love most. There’s a free preview video of the millionaire mindset program in which I’ll tell you all about this class. Take a few minutes to watch it now. Beyond the few minutes, what do you have to lose? 

Millionaire Mindset Preview

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