The simple reason I enjoy paying taxes

Not everything in life is always one hundred percent pleasant. Most people don’t like paying their taxes, and I’m not going to recommend you to stop paying the tax man simply because you don’t like doing it. It would get you in trouble fairly quickly.

Personally, while I prefer to pay less tax, I don’t mind paying my taxes. Don’t get me wrong: one of the reasons I moved to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean was that Canada’s taxman is more entrepreneur-friendly than the ones I faced in Europe. It’s not the only reason, but it definitely contributed. Siphoning over more than half of your income to the taxman is simply not a model I could live with anymore.

But on the other hand, consider this. If I have a lot of taxes to pay, it means I make enough money. It’s simple math that successful people make more money and thus get taxed more than people who make minimum wage. So if I’m always looking to grow my income every year, that means I’m indirectly looking to increase my tax contribution (albeit at the lowest amount legally possible).

coins-948603_1280In order to pay the least amount of taxes legally possible on my income, I have a few business automation rules in place. First of all an amazing accountant, but most importantly I make sure I keep my records up to date throughout the year and track all my receipts and expenses. That sounds tedious, but with the right app on your phone all it takes is snapping a quick picture and a human on the other end will verify and enter the data for you.

One important principle I’ve always used is that if I can come up with the money to pay a tax bill (or any bill for that matter), I can also come up with at least another time the same amount to spend on something for me. Being the travel addict that I am that usually comes in the form of a vacation or short trip, but you could use this for anything good for yourself. That’s why every year when I get slapped with my property tax bill I often book a vacation to somewhere exotic shortly after. Think about it. If the government forces you to pay something and there’s no way to get out of it, we always seem to somehow magically make it work. Personally I like to put the bar a little higher than that and somehow I magically seem to make that higher amount work too, which allows me to budget for all sorts of fun things.

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