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Feeling Bored In Isolation Or Quarantine? Feeling Bored In Isolation Or Quarantine?
This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy,... Feeling Bored In Isolation Or Quarantine?

This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy, just click here.

The coronavirus (covid19) is here and will be around for a while, most likely many more of us will be infected. Like many of you, I’m stuck at my home office without the ability to leave as I’ve been exposed directly to someone who has tested positive for the virus. I have no symptoms and am healthy, but it does bring it close to home. Like many of you, I’m also tired of receiving community update emails from companies I didn’t even know had my email address, so in this post let’s get future-focused and think about what’s next.

Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics

As a Dutch guy living in Canada, I’ve been worried about my family in this crisis as they’re in a more populated portion of the world – and therefore statistics wise arguably more at risk than I thought I figured I would be. But for a second I forgot about my adage of lies, damn lies, and statistics. When you’re dealing with individuals, you have to throw the numbers out. So somehow, I ended up being exposed to at least one individual who tested positive for COVID19. Maybe, and quite likely, more, as no one took these isolation measures as serious as we all should have, less than two weeks ago. I’m most at-risk out of all my family, high and dry in the great white north of beautiful Canada.

After doing the tests I don’t have any symptoms and should be fine. Yet a song from Above and Beyond comes on today. “Is there really any point in making plans”. For some brief moments in time, I wasn’t sure there was. Depression is no stranger to me. But those moments aside, there’s hope. You’re not alone. Although in isolation, the entire world is in this together. The playing field is changing, and leveling out to make us all equals.

A Vacuum

In a way, being stuck at home, everything in my daily routine has been removed. A vacuum has been created that wants to be refilled. So once this covid19 crisis is over, what pieces of life are we moving back in, and which one will be left on the side forever? Let’s make some plans.

What are you going to do next? Eventually, borders will re-open, travel plans will resume, and we’ll all come out of this isolation.

  • Plan for your future travelOf course, travel is tricky right now – but it doesn’t hurt to dream, make plans and maybe even start taking some action towards your future travel goals, even today.
  • Start or grow your businessBuild your action plan to survive and thrive through this economic crisis. Use the isolation as an opportunity to do something different / in addition to what you’re doing today.
  • Get started on your bookEveryone has a book inside of them, but most people never get started on that first page. Use your time effectively to finally start on your book dream and share your story to benefit others.

What’s Next?

Being stuck at home in covid19 isolation or quarantine is the perfect time to join an online class and work on one of your most important life goals.

Looking for some positivity? Join me for my free training webinar, tomorrow morning at 10am Mountain Time.

These are interesting times. Looking for some positivity? Join me for my free daily training webinar, tomorrow morning at 10am Mountain Time. We’ll talk about living free through travel, work, and love: optimize what you’re doing to achieve your most important life and business goals. It’ll take about an hour, and there’s no cost to attend. See you (virtually) tomorrow?

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